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Your Custom Splash Page 101

Splash page is great addition to your website. This helps you create an awesome and attractive screen that entices your visitors to click more on your page. The splash screen does not only make your page prettier but boosts your online visibility and presence.

What Is a Splash Page?

A splash page is also called a splash screen. Usually, this page is what your customers see before they get directed to your website. It includes all necessary information about your page and business to notify visitors and viewers about new agenda and deals.

This information includes company information, advertisements, new products, promo codes, or even videos and how-to guides. Depending on your preference and goal, a custom splash page can make it possible.

What’s the Difference between Splash Page and Landing Page?

Splash page is sometimes mistaken as a landing page. Both pages are stand alone and the first thing visitors see when they got into your website. However, they have different purposes.

Landing page is created to achieve a certain goal. In business, landing pages are made to secure registration for a webinar, make ebook downloads, or even assure a purchase from the customers.

On the other hand, splash page serves as a large window located on the main page that provides vital information to your visitors. The details can be in a form of animation, graphic, or quotation.

Forbes and Their Circular Life’s websites are great examples.

What’s the Difference between Splash Page and Home page?

Splash page is hosted on your website’s home page and usually, works as a welcome screen for your visitors. It has a common root URL to your homepage, too. However, your homepage and splash page has both special purposes and are different from each other. Here are the differences of a splash page and homepage.

  • A splash page has only message and exit link while the home page has more information about their business and a lot of navigation links.
  • A splash page doesn’t use background graphics or images while a homepage has one or more graphic combinations.
  • A splash page is used to present information while a homepage explains products and services through their navigation links.

What Elements Does a Splash Page Have?

Compared to a landing page that has several elements, a splash page only requires a few and specific elements to make an impact. A typical splash screen includes:

  1. A message that either informs or provoke action to customers. For instance, an announcement and a Facebook like button; and
  2. An exit button or link that directs customers to your website.

These elements are the only factors you need to create a splash page. You can also add a background image or a video presentation if necessary.

How to Create a Splash Page?

Some website uses a splash page to create awareness for their new products or services or even their latest promotions. With this, it is important that you know to create a splash page.

You have two options to create a custom splash page. It’s either:

  1. Hire splash services to design and develop your unique page and template. You have to invest a certain amount to generate your desired splash website design and feel.
  2. Create your own splash page. Designing your screen is easy especially if you know basic HTML and CSS. Since it only includes few elements such as the message and exit button, making your splash page is easy, just think of good splash page ideas.

A custom splash page will help boost your business by providing specific details about your brand and service. Feel free to create your own splash screen now!

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