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WordPress Update Services

Update services for the wordpress platform generally work to ensure that blogs are constantly added to. Many blogs provide excellent content, but stall out. What happens is that people will discover it one day on a search engine and find that they really appreciate the information there. They’ll probably end up reading through the existing posts there, look at the posting date of the latest article and figure that the Webmaster that ran it abandoned it. While they might suggest it to a friend, they won’t be returning more than likely unless they need to check something for reference later.

Professional Update Options

That’s where update wordpress web services come into play, since they allow users to purchase content to post on the site in an effort to prove that the site hasn’t been abandoned. However some people aren’t necessarily keen on allowing someone to do all the work for them. That makes sense, since many people are proud of their own writing abilities.

That’s why contributed articles are such a hot topic at the moment. People want new content, but they might not want to relinquish control. Have the purchase content emailed and then:

  • Select the content with the mouse
  • Copy it to the clipboard using CTRL+C
  • Paste it into a plain text editor using CTRL+V
  • Select it all with CTRL+A
  • Cut it with CTRL+X
  • Go to the wordpress new posting screen
  • Paste the commercial content with CTRL+V
  • Using Purchased Content

By following this kind of path, people can make use of update services and ensure that their wordpress blog is always updated. Search engines usually respond positively to this kind of behavior, because fresh content that’s proven by algorithm to be original is rated highly. That’s a good way to beat the blues that comes with an almost retired blog, since old content might be rediscovered once it’s resubmitted to a search engine for indexing.