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WordPress Installation Service

The term wordpress installation service can mean one of two things. On one hand it can refer to the system of scripts used to install the software on a server, which strictly speaking actually isn’t a service at all when defined the way a computer scientist might describe a service. On the other it can refer to an organization that installs wordpress onto a server by way of professional technicians instead of leaving a user to do it on their own.

Performing a Self-Install

Many individuals opt to install wordpress on their own. There are actually only a few steps needed to do this:

1) Download and decompress the installation package.

2) Create a database on the server along with a privileged MySQL user permitted to access and modify that database.

3) Find the wp-config-sample.php file and then rename it to wp-config.php. Edit the file and add in the database information.

4) Disable the file name lower case conversion system on the FTP client.

5) Upload each of the files to the desired location on a server. It’s safe to do this in the root directory, but it’s often a good idea to go one level down. Hence, one might want to use _____.com/blog/wordpress as an installation site.

6) Run the installation script by accessing the URL in a browser. It will be located at the URL where the files were each uploaded.

Once these steps have been followed the administrator should take a moment or two to experiment with the options.

Doing it Professionally

Contracting with installation wordpress services is a good idea for those who might only have a shaky amount of computer experience, or who have to do this on a massive scale. Technicians are trained to take care of it, which is especially good for those who have purchased a large number of different domains and need to have each of them loaded up with the software.