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WordPress Free Frameworks – How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Site

In short, WordPress is one of the best open-sourced content management tools on the Internet. The best thing? It’s totally free! It comes with an easy to use template system, as eel as sophisticated plugin architecture. Most people use it to create websites or blogs, and although using WP to create your website is seemingly simple, there is also a lot of work that needs to put in if you’re going to create a website that looks exactly how you imagined it would look.

To make it easier to create a website, WP uses something called a theme framework. This basically removes the need to use code – great news for beginners! These WordPress free frameworks are really useful and help you to create a website that looks super professional.

Choosing the best WordPress free frameworks is not exactly easy though. You need to consider your main needs, and you need to take a look at each frameworks pros and cons.

Top 5 WordPress Free Frameworks

White Board Framework

wordpress free frameworks

White Board Framework gets a shout out because it’s powerful and clear – which is exactly what you as a theme developer wants. There are a lot of styles and functions here, as well as numerous content areas that have been holed out to look really clean and user friendly.

Redux Framework

wordpress free frameworks

Redux is one of our favourite WordPress frameworks free because it’s powerful, has numerous advanced features – but is also really easy to use for beginners and novices. It handily helps you to feel your way into WordPress themes building, and allows you to create super cool designs.

Themes required +

wordpress free frameworks

Themes required is one of the more responsive WordPress frameworks free that is designed for building website on numerous devices, such as Smartphones and tablets. You will need a knowledge of both HTML and CSs, though, while basic PHP skills are a must too.


wordpress frameworks free

Wonderflux has a pretty awesome name. Its major selling point lies in the fact that you can create sophisticated WP themes in super quick time. The best thing is that you only need a few files to do this. Less mess more haste!

Cherry Framework

wordpress frameworks free

Cherry Framework has a responsive design and is really easy to install. It also comes with a number of bootstrap functions, as well as enough updates to keep you happy. We love it.

If you’ve still got a question on WordPress free frameworks, we can easily explain anything to you right now!


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