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WordPress Backup Services

Individuals working with wordpress maintenance services often consider themselves safe and secure. They’ll be ready if an unfortunate data disaster strikes, which is very important because of the possible problems that happen when dealing with remote servers. They’ll also feel safe if for whatever reason their hosting provider was to go down. That happens from time to time, and might cause serious delays as well as a ton of broken links.

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Backing Data Up

There are a few ways to tackle wordpress theme services. Automatic ones will periodically mirror whenever changes are made, and in fact one is already built in. To have a look at this function of the software, consider the following:

  • Edit a post.
  • Head to the right hand side of the edit screen.
  • Access the previous edits list.
  • Click on a date to revert to it.
  • Click save to make changes permanent.

Of course these backups are only ever saved on a local server. A better option might be to view things in FTP view and then make an individual save of each of the HTML files in the directory in order to be assured that the directory structure could be rebuilt if there were need to do so in the future.

Write posts in a word processor, and then save a copy each time one is written. While this might be self-explanatory, many people neglect to do it. They would have had copies of every single thing posted should something had gone wrong should they have done this from the beginning.

Professional Backup Options

top wordpress backup servicesThen there’s the best option, which is to get in touch with wordpress maintenance services that will make the backups periodically so that even if you were to forget they were made. That means should there be something sudden there would still be backups. Special blogs will a ton of commercial information should certainly consider this option more than anything else.

Our WordPress Backup Services

Most people have suffered the frustration of losing a document that they have worked on for hours, now imagine what would happen if you lost a website that you have worked on for months or even years. Websites are not immune to problems and can suffer from attacks by outside sources to something as simple as being corrupted by uploading an incompatible plugin. There are so many things that could go wrong; but are you keeping a copy of your site as a backup?

Many website owner fail to take this one simple precaution. We offer a full range of backup services to ensure that you will never lose all of that hard work and data:

Whole site planned backups

We can provide you with backups that are done automatically at a preset period depending on how often your site is changed. If you rarely make alterations and posts to your site then maybe a monthly backup may be required, if you are constantly uploading data then you may even need daily backups.

Our services will work with you to decide just how often your site needs to backed up and where those backups should be stored or sent. We can provide you with the peace of mind that you need to ensure that your site is going to be safe from all potential threats. We can also provide you with backups before making any updates so that you can be sure there will always be an up to date version of your website to restore to.

WordPress site restore

Should the worst happen then you will want to bring your site back to how it was before the problem occurred quickly with a minimum of fuss. Our expert services are able to provide you with a quick solution to getting your site back up and running with a minimum of down time. Our experts will restore your site from the last backup just how you need it.

WordPress site migration

Moving a whole site can be a daunting task but one that may be required if you want to move to better hosting due to reliability, speed or cost issues. We can help you with your site move through our specialized services by creating a backup and then restoring it with the click of a button on your new host. This will ensure that your site is back up and running with the minimum of fuss.

The Benefits of Using Our Backup Services for WordPress

As one of the biggest web hosts Hostgator says:

“It seems like every day there is a new headline about the latest high profile website crash. Unfortunately, website threats are very real. Backing up your website helps you to safeguard against those threats.”

No matter whether the issue with your site is due to hacking, software corruption, or even operator error; our backup services will help you to minimize the damage by getting your site up and running again with your most recent backup. Through us you benefit from:

  • Working with highly qualified and professional friendly staff
  • Around the clock response to your issues
  • Fully confidential help at the right price
  • On time delivery of all services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with the support we provide or a full refund

Don’t take risks with your site, use our WordPress backup services here today to protect your website or blog and get it back online should the unthinkable happen to you.