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Why You Need to Create a Professional Photographer Portfolio Website to Get a Job of Your Dreams

photographer portfolio website bannerOften, if you’re a freelance photographer – or are aspiring to be a freelance photographer – a potential client will ask to see a portfolio of your work to see if you’re suitable for the job. But if you don’t have a photographer portfolio website, you’re kinda stuck. You can either make up an excuse – something like “It’s under construction!” – or you can just stop replying to their emails, return to daytime television and think up a new plan.

Necessity of Photographer Portfolio Websites

But guess what? Your new plan should be to build a photographer portfolio website to showcase your work! It’s super easy, honest. But moreover, it’s super important. Here’s why:

photographer portfolio websitesPhotographer portfolio websites are open 24/7

Unlike that time you got to a grocery store for some milk just as it had closed for the night, and thus had to return home and pour yourself a cup of black tea, your online portfolio is open all day – all year! This means a client can waltz in at any time, take a look around, and potentially ask you for a quote at 4AM.

This can lead to a lot more work than you’re currently getting with your non-existent shop.

photographer portfolio websitesIt can be the difference between a job and no job

If ever there is a job on the table, a client will usually always ask to see a portfolio of your work. So it could be that you and some other photographer are in the running for the same position. If you don’t have a photographer portfolio website but they do, you’re going to lose out. After all, how else are you going to show them your work? By flipping through the photo’s in your DSLR and sending over a few Jpegs? They’re not gonna be happy about that.

If you are armed with an online portfolio, though, you’ll have a greater chance of seeing off the competition and landing a piece of work.

photographer portfolio websitesIt gives you online presence

The Internet is dominating our lives, and for this reason, you need an online presence. It will get your work seen by more people, and you’ll have a better chance of building up a solid client base.

Even better, if you use SEO, as well as social media sharing platforms, you’ll be able to build up a greater presence online. Your work and your posts might even get shared by others, leading to more exposure.


photographer portfolio website online

photographer portfolio websitesYou don’t want to fall behind

Relying on a physical portfolio is all well and good, but anyone who is anyone these days has photographer portfolio websites. If you don’t have one, you’re going to be falling behind the competition.

An online portfolio of your work can also include a blog, as well as links to other work you’ve done – such as videos. In this way, you can really engage with your audience, interact with them and showcase a wide breadth of your talent.

Check the tips for creating an artist portfolio website out.

Create a unique photographer portfolio website with our hints and get your dream job!

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