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Why Our PSD To HTML Company

Even though several other psd to html companies have recently sprung up, ours still stands prominently in the industry.

Few other organizations are as clean of a psd to html company as we are. We have actually taken the opportunity to hone our services over time and work with freelance programmers. These developers are willing to not only actually automatically convert information but will rewrite things as necessary. Naturally few people have the software needed to do this kind of thing even automatically at home, and those export and conversion packages aren’t exactly cheap.

Working with our Firm

That would make many people pick our psd to html company right away anyway. However, those that just want automatic conversions might be surprised. We also rewrite code and do all the adjustments needed when it comes to optical character recognition and the like. Think about it for a moment.

When a photo shop document is made it exists mostly of a group of layers on top of one another. It’s not really like a static bitmap. Instead it’s something that actually exists through editable layers and these layers are supposed to be preserved in order to permit users to edit what’s underneath it. This kind of theory can technically be converted over to markup code, but it takes a special technique. Some copying over and writing of code is needed to ensure that this kind of thing will actually take place. It’s not the kind of skill one sees everyday.

Picking Us over the Competition

While there might be many psd to html companies out there today, they won’t go so far as to actually provide this level of service. That’s why we’re the one to go with. We’ll continue to provide what people need regardless of what they offer to us to convert. If it needs to be shifted around we’ll have our freelancers work on it. Moreover we don’t just hire anyone. All of our freelance developers are actually certified and we make sure that they hold the proper skills to do their job their right way from the beginning.