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Where to Find HD Motion Backgrounds

Is it necessary to use HD motion backgrounds on websites?

With the trend of using background videos on websites still showing no sign of slackening, it is to be expected that the percentage of websites using background video will keep growing. There are plenty of people who still view video background on websites as somewhat of a novelty, but it is nearing the point where the novelty stage will be over and the full screen video background website will become fairly common. That means that it will take more to impress website visitors. Just having a full screen video background was impressive at one time, but no longer. Website designers and developers will have to be more creative and innovative. That is nothing new. It has always been like that and will be for the foreseeable future. It isn’t just designers and developers who will have to up their game. All elements of the website should be considered during web development. Video is obviously a critical element when considering a background video for your website.

Criteria for website background video

To provide the best user experience the background video you select needs to meet some basic criteria for it to be effective. This includes:

  • The correct length: Video that is too short can quickly become tedious and annoying. If it’s too long it can slow loading times and it may lose the interest of visitors. It has to be just right.
  • Format: There is still no one format that works for everybody. If you can’t find the right formats you will have to convert the video yourself.
  • File size: As with length, the size of the file affects loading times
  • Relevant: There must be an easily identifiable message and relationship between the video and your product/service or website topic
  • Quality: A website with background video need to have good quality HD motion backgrounds. If you do everything else correctly but use a poor quality of video then much of your effort has been wasted.

Why it is important to use HD motion backgrounds

Video backgrounds on websites are often full screen and anything less than HD video is just not going to look very good. Background video doesn’t always have to be quite as sharp as some other videos depending on how you are using the video, but you can’t have video that is too blurry. Technology has improved and good quality video can be had in smaller files, but expectations of users have also gone up. The whole point of using video backgrounds is to improve the user experience, convey your message effectively, and generate more business as a result. If the background video only annoys visitors due to its quality, it may end up doing more harm than good. There are many places to get HD motion backgrounds online, and quite a few of them have free HD video, so there is no reason not to use a video with decent quality on your website.

Where to find HD motion backgrounds

There are plenty of sites that offer HD video motion background. To help you locate the right video for your website background we have put together a list of ten sites to get you started:

  1. iHD Loops

hd motion backgrounds

A great source of free motion video loops for your site with no royalty payments to be made.

  1. Ignite Motion

hd motion backgrounds

This site offers free motion backgrounds and 3d animation in various formats ( HD video , 720 p & loop).

  1. Motion Elements

hd motion backgrounds

Motion Elements provide some collection of free HD video clips. They provide royalty free license.

  1. Motion Backgrounds

hd motion backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds is a good place to find free looping motion backgrounds. It does require that you signup to download videos.

  1. Cute Stock Footage

web development video

Cute Stock footage offers free and premium HD video loops.

  1. Clip Canvas

web development video

Clip canvas offers premium HD video footage. However you can also download free videos.

  1. Videezy

full screen video background website

Videezy is a community of amateur and professional videographers for sharing HD quality video footage. You can get free access to high quality video clips after signing up on the website.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the list above, don’t worry. There are many other sites you can check.

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