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What’s New in HTML 5.1

While most programmers support the technological advancement and benefits of HTML5, other working groups are interested in the upcoming HTML 5.1. New specifications of HTML5.1 are due for publication by 2016. Several fresh specs are incorporated like Sockets, storage, web workers, adaptive development and accessibility that were not integrated into the HTML 5.0 version.

  • What Is the New “Main” Element of HTML 5.1.?

The element, the new spec of HTML5.1, signifies the main section of the body of an application or document. It comprises of content that is similar to or the expansion of the main subject of a document or the application’s functionality. According to the latest definition, the new element of HTML 5.1 is as is per document. But, it is neither the child of the nave, aside, article, footer or header.

According to Steve Faulkner, the technical director of The Paciello Group (TGP), the “main” is an analytical addition based on the patterns common mark up. This also responds to the authors consistent identification of page areas as the main content.

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  • What Is the Importance of the New “Main” Element?

The main element was introduced to name the HTML5. According to some developers, this element is the last missing important specifications developed. The main web concept is in existence with similar features of the ARIA or Accessible Rich Internet Application landmark roles. Instead of:

<div role+”main”>

<!—content –>


It is now:

<main role+”main”>

<!—content –>


The ARIA landmark provides accessibility to users to quickly skip the important page sections. The role=navigation is the site’s central navigation. Moreover, the ARIA gives navigation and identification benefits to users. Moreover, it is used as skip links by authors to provide users with a way to directly switch to the main content, circumventing the link menus.

html 5.1

Image credit: unwire.pro

According to Faulkner, the “main” element is produced with the ARIA practices. The new element emboldens browser vendors to make use of simple main content navigation methods in the main content area. This should eliminate the need for manually adding the skip links by authors. You can convert psd to HTML5 without any issues.

  • What Are the Drawbacks of The “Main” Element?

According to several programmers and users, “main” has several disadvantages. Especially that it will be a need for the future; some elements existing today will be neglected. The adjustments in your page’s JavaScript or CSS is the result of adding the “main” element in it.

Based from Ian Hickson, the HTML5 spec editor, he is not convinced about the function of the element “main”. He is aware about users who will consider “main” as unreliable element.

The “main” element is a controlling and powerful element in the HTML5.1. It is a simple yet useful tool for authors. Including the element in your code is a future investment. Through adapting with the “main” element, you will be ready for its future advancements. Moreover, it is better to be ahead the competitors than catching- up after two years when everybody was already an expert and adept on the HTML 5.1 new element, the “main”.

Feel free to use HTML 5.1 for your development and don’t hesitate to ask help from professionals!

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