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What Sites Provide Best Shopping Cart Application Services

Establishing an online store is one of the innovative ways to run a business nowadays. This enables businesses to reach on their target market in a wider perspective and generate more income in return. If you are planning to add a shopping cart application for your business, this is a great way to allow your customers to see and shop for the products you offer online.

There are shopping cart applications offered online with outstanding features that you can use as an additional feature for your online store. These applications will help you to reach your target market and create a better avenue to generate income.

The Best Shopping Cart Application Services

  • Virtuemart

shopping cart application

Image credit: http://www.akamaras.com

This shopping cart application used by Joomla, a CMS platform became powerful shopping software used by customers all over the world, particularly for a host online shopping site, the SiteGround. For first time users, Virtuemart provides comprehensive tutorial services and troubleshooting guidelines on creating and using this app for your website.

  • Magento

shopping cart application

Image credit: http://www.lelandcope.com

Magentois also one of the well-knownshopping cart applications used by several online stores from eCommerce. This shopping cart software has a professional look and functional features including flexibility and content highlighting. Among its features include convenient product browser, advanced stat analysis, reporting and some promotional tools for your e-business. It also offers a comprehensive customer management and administrative processes for you to efficiently handle customer care and support.

You can visit SiteGround.com for free Magento download and setup and for all-day customer assistance. It can handle advanced hosting solutions for both medium and large online stores.

  • Prestashop

shopping cart application

Image credit: http://www.cosmosbuzz.com

Also a powerful and widely used shopping cart application, Prestashop enables online business owners to download and customize this shopping app for free. It is also an open source app that runs in several platforms. Start building your online store for no fee –in as fast as 15 minutes!

Shopping online is now made easy for both customers and business owners. With the help of shopping cart applications and shopping cart abandonment statistics, online stores will be able to reach their target markets and provide products and services in an easy and convenient possible way.

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