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What Are The Best Coded WordPress Themes?

It’s fascinating – or disheartening – to see the amount of would-be theme developers neglecting to use a properly WP theme development when designing a WordPress website for themselves or a client. Make no bones about it; using a properly coded theme on a WP site is essential. If you’re considering getting yourself a coded theme, let’s take a look at the best coded WordPress themes available.

Best Coded WordPress Themes


best coded wordpress themes

One of the best things about Oshine is that it is clean, modern and multipurpose. It also comes with an awesome design, as well as user-friendly and engaging functionality. We just can’t say no! Oshine also provides 16 demos, loads of layouts, and a staggering amount of colour options.


best coded wordpress themes

Luisa is one of the best coded WordPress themes for any freelance artists, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. It comes with a trendy template that will enhance anyone’s online prescience, and has a fresh, current vibe that is clean, functional and super responsive. We love it!


best coded wordpress themes

MyBlog is without a doubt one of the best header themes available on WP. As you may have already guessed from the rather self-explanatory name, MyBlog is designed for bloggers who want to take their game to the next level. Whether you want a personal blog intended for a small audience, or an award-winning blog with thousands of subscribers and back links, MyBlog has got your back.


best coded wordpress themes

One of the best header themes and perhaps the best coded WordPress themes of all, Bloc is a simple portfolio theme that helps to manage your content in a way that is inviting for your audience. Lovingly crafted, this theme is beautiful and professional, and will enhance the online presence of anyone who is looking to build a reputable brand.


header themes

Okay, yes, you guessed it; Foodica is for the foodies out there. This theme is crisp and professional, and is one of the most responsive multipurpose themes available with WP. Whether you own a restaurant, a catering business, or whether you’re a food critic with a blog, Foodica has everything you need.

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