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Interactive Timeline Website

Benefits of an interactive timeline website

interactive timelineTimelines have changed considerably since your parents were in school. Timelines used to be a simple chronological listing of events. Sometimes a picture depicting each event on the timeline would be included. The timelines found on websites today may use the same concept, but technology allows the creation of timelines far more advanced than those in old history books. Interactive timelines that incorporate video, images, animation and other visual graphics and allow the viewer to interact with the timeline can be found on many websites. An interactive timeline can offer a number of benefits when used on a website including:

  • Increased user engagement – Visitors to websites with an interactive timeline are encouraged to engage with the timeline in some manner such as by playing a video. Increased user engagement means spending more time on the site. The longer a visitor remains the greater the chances are of converting a visitor into a customer.
  • Increase traffic – Timelines can be optimized for SEO and improve rankings in searches. Creating an interactive timeline using a variety of media such as video, audio, images, text, links, and social media, provides plenty of SEO opportunities.
  • Promote products and services – Interactive timelines can be used to promote your business, a product or a service, in wide variety of ways, limited only by your creativity.

The above benefits alone are enough to encourage people to make an interactive timeline for their website. Our service specializes in timeline design and development, and we are well qualified to create an interactive timeline for your website.

About our timeline design and development service

After learning of the benefits of having an interactive timeline, website owners may want to rush out and create one immediately. Although there are timeline software programs available, making your own interactive timeline may not be your best option. Using a professional service for interactive timeline design and development is the best choice for those whose website plays an important role in their business. Our website development timeline team is a great choice to create an interactive timeline for a number of reasons including:

make an interactive timelineTalented designers – Having access to the latest technology doesn’t mean a good design will be the result. Our graphic designers are not only up to date on the latest technologies, but are also talented artists. They are capable of creating an appealing and attractive design that incorporates any ideas you have and that fits in with your existing website timeline design and appearance.

creating an interactive timelineTechnical skills – Adding an interactive timeline to your existing website will involve a number of different technical issues and details. Our development team is experienced with the different content management systems and potential conflicts that could occur between other applications and an interactive timeline. They are also proficient in many different programming languages and are well qualified to deal with any technical issues.

interactive timeline designQuality assurance – When we create an interactive timeline, website application in other areas of your site could be affected. We perform extensive testing to ensure there are no bugs or glitches in the timeline itself as well testing to make sure there are no conflicts or compatibility issues with the timeline and any other part of your site.

interactive timeline websiteSEO
– Timeline design and development includes SEO considerations, and we incorporate SEO techniques into the design of the timeline.

Using our service you will get a well designed and attractive timeline that integrates smoothly with the rest of your website both visually and technically.

First class interactive timeline development services

create an interactive timelineProviding well designed interactive timelines customized to meet specific requirements and needs is our first priority.

We are ready to meet all the requirements provided by the client.

However using our timeline development service also provides other benefits including:

  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee. Getting a product that fails to deliver as promised is something nobody likes to experience. We guarantee that the timeline we develop for you meets all of your requirements
  • Affordable rates for interactive timeline development that can be managed even with a tight budget
  • Complete customer confidentiality assured
  • Live customer support 24/7 to address questions and concerns as soon as you have them

Contact us for an interactive timeline customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.