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Top Tips on How to Build a Writer Portfolio Website to Get Clients

writer portfolio website bannerA lot of people dream about becoming freelance writers. They get excited, tell their friends and family how much money they’ll be able to earn, before applying for their first few jobs.

But then they get asked by prospective clients for their writer portfolio website. These clients want to see some samples before hiring the writer. One problem: The writer has no writer portfolio online website! So the writer doesn’t get the job.

And instead of creating a portfolio, they put it off. They say they’ll do it tomorrow, or next week, or next month. It sounds like too much effort. And, besides, they have no idea how to a make such a site. They just want to write, dammit!

But then there’s you. You’ve decided that you’re going to take the bull by the horns and sort out this writer portfolio website thing. Naturally, you’re not sure how to make a start, but you’ve been proactive by coming to us for help. So without further ado, here are our top tips on how to build a writer portfolio website to get clients.

writer portfolio onlineCreate a tagline

When a potential client lands on your page, they won’t know immediately what it is exactly that you do. To save them time – and to make sure they don’t leave quickly without finding anything out about you – you should create a short, snappy tagline that sums up in just a few words who you are and what you do.

Your tagline could be something as simple as, “Stuck for words? I’m Jude, a copywriter based in Canada who is here to help you get what you want today.”

writer portfolio onlineCreate a service page

All good writer portfolio online websites should have service pages where the writer outlines exactly what it is they provide. In this way, you’re leaving no stones unturned. You’re not giving that client who wants a few product reviews the chance to get away because you’re going to tell them you do product reviews – as well as many other things! Include everything that you do.

But remember to stick to writing. Don’t advertise yourself as an odd job person who can also fix leaky faucets and clean windows for a bit of extra cash.

writer portfolio website

writer portfolio onlineContact page and bio

Your contact details should really be on your landing page, but you can also create a separate contact page – as well as a bio – to expand on what you’ve already said. Your bio gives you a chance to engage your clients by coming up with an engaging, witty account of who you are and what you do. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your great writing skills – so use it!

writer portfolio onlineKeep it simple

The last thing you want is a complex website that a client can’t get their head around. Make sure it’s user-friendly, and keep the design minimal, simple and professional.

If you want to make your site really dashing, you might consider using professional background video development help!

writer portfolio onlineWrite a blog

You’re a writer – so write a blog! A regular blog firstly gives potential clients the chance to see some variety in your writing and subject matter, and it also shows that you’re passionate about writing. If you do create a blog, though, you’ll need to update it at least once a week. Otherwise, it will look lazy and barren.

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