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Top of 5 Best WordPress Plugins

The best wordpress plugin is generally the most basic, but there is still debate over which ones are finest. Generally ones with a high number of downloads are considered among the highest in terms of quality. When looking for premium wordpress plugins its a good idea to keep in mind that some themes accomplish things on their own. Aspects that aren’t covered by the theme need to be filled in with themes.

The Top Five Best

Our list of the best wordpress plugins include:

1) WPTouch Mobile creates a mobile site with just a few clicks. This is very useful since some people go to great lenghts to finish a mobile site. Adding one can really increase visits, as regular sites don’t load correctly on many mobile devices.

2) Redirection is a very simply named program, and it’s incredibly useful. Unless a blog works through Apache style .htaccess files, people will probably need to install this one to handle 301 redirections as well as keep track of all the 404 errors that users receive.

3) WP Super Cache handles the fast caching engine that’s needed to speed up load times. Fortunately this system produces static HTML files, which are great when it comes time for users to make links to different posts.

4) Ninja Forms creates all types of forms with a single drag and drop interface. While there are already plenty of contact form systems, this also works to provide email collection forms and anything else the developer might need.

5) Newsletter allows developers to create a newsletter that can be subscribed to by an unlimited number of people. All this can be accomplished in mere seconds.

Finding the Best One

The best wordpress plugin as wordpress website specialists are aware is the one that gets used the most. While it’s nice to create a blog system that’s really well stocked, its better to have a small group of plugins that get used consistently. That can also save space and problems on the blog by reducing the amount of material that the enumeration system has to sift through. Naturally that equals faster loading times.

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