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Top Drupal Theme Design Examples

Believe it or not, WordPress is NOT the only ace content management system on the Internet. In fact, close to one million sites now rely on Drupal custom theme for their existence, and can be translated collectively into over 180 languages. Awesome!

Okay, so this is still no where near WordPress, but with over 26,000 Drupal theme designer’s working tirelessly and creatively on brand new themes, Drupal is growing and is fast becoming a very viable option for building your new website.

Top 5 Drupal theme design examples


drupal theme design

Marinelli is one of our personal favourites here at Theme Development. It is flexible, has a 3-column design, and comes with a slider and 8 bonus collapsible regions. You also get integrated rotating banners and the best thing? It’s totally free. Attractive to look at, it’s perfect for corporate websites.


drupal theme design

Bluez is a Drupal theme design that won’t be giving anyone the blues. Ideal for businesses, it comes with a simple, clean design and a lovely colour scheme. Everything is customisable, and you can also implement Google web fonts, should you so desire.

Day and Night

drupal theme design

The Drupal theme designer that worked on Day and Night certainly knew a thing or two about creating super responsive designs. Day and Night uses the Zen base theme for its foundation, and can name among its chief features a clean drop down menu, a tile layout and excellent support. If you’re a blogger, you should check this one out.


drupal theme design

If you’re a photographer, designer or illustrator, Hatch is the best theme to show off your portfolio. It’s incredibly simple and user friendly, and comes with an automatic thumbnail view to enable you to show off your designs on your front page.

Corked Screwer

drupal theme designer

Corked screwer arguably has a curious name, but this free Drupal theme is incredibly beautiful to look at. Sleek, responsive and easy on the eye, it’s also compatible with most devices. It comes with multicolumn layouts, a slideshow, and is probably best used by anyone who has work they want to display online.

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