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Top Approaches to Create a Perfect Programmer Portfolio Website

programmer portfolio website bannerIt’s all well and good deciding that you’re going to embark on a brave new career as a freelance programmer, but if you haven’t yet got a programmer portfolio website to showcase all your work, you’re going to find it very hard to convince anyone to take you on.

What to Include in Your Programmer Portfolio Website

A programmer portfolio site might take a bit of time to set up (which is why we try to avoid it), but in the long run, it will boost your career 100%. It’s basically your shop that is open 24/7 all year round, and if clients ask to see some samples of your work, instead of panicking and making excuses, you can easily and quickly send them the link. Let’s take a look at some approaches you can bear in mind when creating a perfect programmer portfolio website.

programmer portfolio website pageYou need a good landing page

Getting your landing page just right is key because this is the page that your clients ‘land’ on first. If they’re met by something hideous that isn’t user-friendly, unprofessional or is difficult to negotiate, they’re going to get the heck on out of there as quickly as possible. And they’re not going to come back.

Your landing page, first of all, has to look great. It has to look like the work of a professional designer who is able to organise everything neatly, making sure that there is no clutter. Secondly, it has to feature your mission statement. This is basically a short sentence or two that introduces you and states what you’re all about.

Thirdly – and most importantly – your landing page needs to feature snippets of your work. Not all your work but you need to entice the client. You need to make sure these works are your best ones, and you need to make sure they’re easy to see and click on. Lastly, your landing page needs to contain your contact info.

programmer portfolio website

programmer portfolio website exampleSelect the right examples

For your programmer portfolio site, you need to upload your best work that shows your versatility and strengths. You don’t, however, need to upload all your work. Make a list of your projects, detail past clients, but just don’t overdo matters. Show us a good body of work without deluging us.

programmer portfolio website blogWrite a blog

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world in order to write a regular blog to go on your programmer portfolio website, but clients love to see regular updates from you and hear about what you’ve been doing. They like to see you’ve been busy, and they like to get an idea of the kind of stuff you do, as well as how you work and even your personality.

Yep, engagement in the freelance world is important, and clients prefer to work with engaging freelancers.

programmer portfolio website moreAnything else?

There are a few more ideas to really maximise your programmer portfolio website. For example, you could dedicate an entire page to your ‘Contact Me’ section, and you could even include a quick bio in there too. To truly showcase your work, you could even let clients have a go at a few demo apps you’ve just come up with in your spare time!

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Learn these features of programmer portfolio site and you’ll build an amazing one!

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