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Top 7 Free Timeline Creation Tools You May Use in 2017

 What You Have to Know

Students and professional researchers as well as teachers would need a good timeline creation tools at some point in time. This is why the import of this topic cannot be overemphasized. There are different types of timeline tools; we have the 3D timeline tools, the digital timeline tools as well as the static timeline tools. For people who have not used these creative timelines before they can also find good timeline tutorials that would show them just how they can get round this awesome tool. But what exactly is a timeline and why does one need these timeline tools. This is the first question that we must seek to answer before we can go on to talk about these top tools.

Usually a timeline as the name implies is a period in time during which certain happenings occurred. It is commonly used by history students as well as historians in representing data. It gives the reader a simple way to grasp some of the important happenings in a time period. This time period can be in decades, century or millennia depending on what is been represented. So various people may need to draft a timeline for various reasons, but whichever the reasons they would find out that timeline creation tools offer them a good way to do this effortlessly. We would now go on to review 7 of the top timeline creation tools of which some of them are free online timeline maker.

benefits of timeline creation service

List of the 7 Top Timeline Creation Tools of 2017

Here we would begin to look at 7 of the top timeline creation tools. We would look at a brief description of each and also at their advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons. This should give you a good idea of how the these tools work, what they offer and this would help you in making up your mind on which tool or tools would be right for you.

  1. iSpring: This is a very popular tool in referencing and timeline creation and this is why it is not surprising that it makes the list of the top 7 tools to use. It is great for creating interactive timelines. It can also help with creating 3 other type of essential interactions. Some of the advantages of iSprng are:

  • Some of the advantages of iSprng are:

  • Timelines can be converted to HTML5, EXE and flash
  • It has a built-in audio recorder
  • It can create mobile ready timelines
  • It has a customizable player
  • It comes with copyright protection options
  • Some of the disadvantages are:
  • It has to be downloaded
  • It is only compatible with windows
  1. Capzles: This software that is great for creating multimedia timelines.
  • Some of the pros of Capzles include:
  • Supports, images, MP3, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • You can share timelines on social media
  • A good interface
  • Options for personalization are available
  • Some of the cons are:
  • Complicated interface can be difficult to use
  • It requires registration and has some problems with image display with URL
  1. TimeGlider: This is an awesome timeline tool that helps you to incorporate graphics into your timeline and it also helps you add event blurbs. You can personalize timeline through URL and make them public.
  • Some of the advantages are:
  • Easy to create new event timeline with dialogue box
  • You can record events from year to day or hour
  • Interface allows viewing of entire timeline in one glance
  • Supports multimedia files
  • Some of the disadvantages are:
  • You cannot easily change the final timeline
  • It requires registration
  • Only one image can be added per event
  1. Hstry: This is an ideal timeline creator tool for teachers and students. The reason is because it was specifically designed for the educational sector.
  • Some of the pros are:
  • Has a comprehensive online tour for users
  • You can use drag and drop slider to cover events across timeline
  • You can add paragraphs, with bold and italics feature
  • Supports multimedia events
  • Some of the cons are:
  • Registration is compulsory for users
  • Too many fields in new timeline template
  1. WhenInTime: when you are talking about creating multimedia timeline this is a great tool that you can use. It offers this and also the ability to share your timeline on social media.
  • Some of the pros are:
  • You can import events to your timeline from YouTube, twitter
  • Easy to manipulate interface
  • You can link it to your social media
  • Some of the cons are:
  • Mobile version is not easy to manipulate
  • Requires registration
  1. Office Timeline: this is the ideal website timeline creator software for businesses and business communication. It comes in both free and full paid editions of which the former is for students and non-professionals.
  • Some of the advantages are:
  • It has integration with PowerPoint
  • It has about 30 downloadable templates for free
  • It can create native PowerPoint slides
  • The plus edition also integrates well with excel
  • Some of the cons are:
  • Paid license is just for 1 year use
  • You can’t add pictures with app
  • The free version doesn’t integrate excel
  1. TimeRime: This is a great online timeline creator that works with graphics, texts as well as multimedia.
  • SSome of its pros are:
  • You can customize features on the pro version
  • You can link back to your website
  • You can edit timelines
  • Some of the cons are:
  • It has a complex interface
  • All timeline isn’t printed because of the crops
  • Has an inconvenient zooming feature
  • Registration is compulsory

These timeline creation tools would provide you with a great way to make your timeline. You can utilize these tools but you can also utilize the services of timeline creators as well. You can now go out and start trying these tools.

From the above talk on timeline creation tools, you can now go and use these great tools to your benefit whether it is the free online timeline maker or not.

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