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Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

When looking at what will be the essential wordpress plugins 2015, it’s important to remember that the existing trends will continue to be important next year. Our wordpress service website are considered to be wordpress essential plugins today may very well be the same tomorrow. The thing that might really change this, however, is the fact that essentials are now being bundled with themes. Getting the essentials with a theme might mean that people will end up downloading other ones, as they will have ended up saving time by not needing to get the existing ones. It is also possible to build a wordpress plugin or use quality programmers from professional organizations help.

The Top Five

Our list of the top five essential wordpress plugins include:

1) UpdraftPlus is an excellent backup suite, which is very important for those who don’t manually save every post that they put up on their site. The system supports Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, email, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3 and a few additional protocols as well.

2) Should the WordPress theme currently installed on a blog not provide any ability to share content, the Floating Social Media Icon plugin can be really helpful. This lets users share content easily, which is always a good idea since it means that more people can end up accessing the blog.

3) Perhaps every bit as important as sharing content is allowing users to get in touch with the blog’s owner, which is why Contact Form 7 is so important. Some developers actually now use this plugin to create a number of different forms all across their blog to encourage their users to get in touch with them.

4) So many comments are spam these days, and validations are annoying so Anti-Spam has become an essential among many blog posters and developers. The system can block the vast majority of spam comments out of the system, which is extremely useful.

5) It’s hard to even call WordPress SEO as one of the wordpress essential plugins because its installed by default. Everyone just kind of needs this one.

 Looking at the Best Plugins

Since so many of the essential wordpress plugins 2015 will be bundled, people might end up going out of their way to look for something else. They may look for some lesser-used ones, but keep in mind these may not be necessary. Oftentimes the essentials are enough.

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