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Tips on How to Work with Project Parfait – Adobe Tools

Photoshop is famously known in creating high quality and non-pixilated images for may years. Many adobe tools were integrated to make Photoshop more competitive and seamless. After the introduction of Edge and Fireworks, here’s another photoshop creative cloud that took Photoshop to another level of creativity – the Project Parfait.

What Is Project Parfiait?

Project Parfait is another and one of the useful Adobe tools. It is free and can be accessed online. As long as you have an Adobe I.D, you can upload the PSD design of your website or app. No organizing, formatting or labelling is necessary so the design will instantly show in the browser without any changes made. Also you can read about another Adobe product and check out Dreamweaver tutorial.

How to Start Working with Project Parfiait?

Working with this photoshop creative cloud tool is very convenient. Follow the steps below to start uploading your PSD design through the Project Parfiait.

  • Go to the official Project Parfait page. On the right corner of the site, click the blue button with “Upload your own PSD” and log in. When logged- in, drag and drop your design on the panel. It will instantly upload. Click the PSD thumbnail and the Project Parfiait will automatically open.
  • Click your design to generate your CSS code. In the CSS Inspector Field, the code will be displayed and can be copied by clicking the Copy All button. A blue call out will appear that allows you to grab all the CSS code.
  • Export the images without the hassle. Select the image. If it has several layers, hold the Shift button and click each layer to select all. A downward pointing arrow on the call out should be clicked. The save box will display. Insert the image, name, quality settings and format. The image will appear on the right sidebar Assets tab. You already uploaded your file successfully.
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Image credit: ceslava.com

What Are the Features That Need Improvement?

Since Project Parfiait is just a fresh Adobe application, there are several unsupported CSS generations that need to be improved. But, Adobe is already working for these generations to provide ease or users.

  • Opacity settings
  • Multiple shadow detection
  • Tiling background can’t be extracted
  • Missing Background-color properties

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What Excellent Features Are Available?

If there are several features that need improvements. Many adobe structures are already made excellent. You can use these features anytime and start your Project Parfiait design.

  • Generating Text CSS
  • Layer selection tools
  • Extracting Color Palettes
  • Reusable Gradient style identification
  • Font Summary
  • Accessing layout information

These tools receive exceptional feedbacks from users. Aside from providing convenience, it makes work faster so you can work on different PSD codes painlessly.

Try this Project Parfiait and enhance your production activities. It is also easier to generate the code of your PSD design with this adobe tool. Since the tool is free, grab the opportunity to utilize and manage your web designs.

Register and log-in to your Adobe account and begin uploading your PSD designs! Order our help with Adobe tools if needed!

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