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Timeline 3D: Step by Step Guide on Creating and Presenting

Basically, a timeline 3D is just the same as a timeline only on steroids or you can say with the effect of a 3-dimensional technology input. What makes this so awesome is the virtual effect. This is why a timeline 3D is a great way to represent your dates and history especially for professional historians. For those who may not know, a web design timeline is a way of representing with graphic and dates, a time period during which certain events may have taking place. These events may have been a continuum and sometimes there may have been interruptions. All of which can be properly represented in a timeline.

What is more is that a timeline serves to help people appreciate these events usually as they took place in time. This is what is brought to greater reality by the timeline 3D and in this article we would not just be looking at the 3D timeline makers but also how to make a 3D timeline. The goal of this is of course to bring 21st century invention to this creative world of timeline making. This would make you see why it is a great improvement on the previous 2D timeline.

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Some of the Important 3D Timeline Features

The next thing that we would be looking at are the features of the timeline 3D. That is, what makes this timeline 3D to stand out from just another timeline. Well, the 3D timeline has different features some of which are enumerated below:

  • You can publish an interactive timeline: this is one of the features of the 3D timeline, its ability for you to use it to publish interactive timeline which is just awesome when viewed.
  • Manage published timelines: with the 3D timeline, managing published timelines is on a whole new level. It packs extra features that make managing of your published timelines more convenient to do.
  • Event Movies and Audio: with a timeline in 3D you can make events and audio. This is way beyond the graphics that you may previously have heard about being used by timeline makers.
  • Automatic Event Narration: What is more with the timeline 3D is the automatic event narration. You can easily narrate events with this 3D timeline and more so, it can be done automatically.
  • 3D controller: this is another awesome feature about the 3D timeline that helps you to easily navigate while you are having a timeline 3D presentation

These are just some of the features of timeline 3D and there are definitely many more that cannot be covered here, but the aforementioned is to give you a hint of what the 3D timeline is all about.

How to Make a 3D Timeline

This is the next big question that people would want to ask. Well, the first thing you must realise is that making a 3D timeline is almost the same as making your usual timeline but for the 3D obviously. So the first thing that you would need to do is to create the timeline draft. This would involve you:

  • First, you must create your timeline title
  • Then you need to make a comprehensive list of the events that we would be contained in the timeline. Of course this would depend on the type of timeline you want to create
  • Then you need to decide on the beginning time; that is, where the timeline would start
  • The next thing would be when you want the timeline to end
  • Then you must ensure that your timeline is holistic in structure. That is the history it presents is well rounded and not haphazard. This way it can easily be followed especially so now in 3D

When you have done this, you can then move to make your 3D timeline. For this there are many tools that you can use online especially if you are naive or new at this. Some of them are free 3D timeline maker while some are not but they would no doubt be of great help for you. You can also take some tutorials online too that we would guide you on how to make a 3D timeline.

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Image credit: imbranded.com

Some of the Tools That You Can Use to Create Timelines

In this segment we would be looking at 2 top timeline creation tools that can be used to make general timelines. We would also look at their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. TimeToast: This allows you to create timeline very quickly and you can upload pictures with this tool.

  • Some of the advantages are:
  • Each event can be incorporated with text, image and link
  • You can moderate public comments
  • The paid version are usually free of ads
  • Some of the disadvantages are:
  • Registration is required
  • It displays only 3 events at a time
  • Its website is sometimes slow
  1. Preceden: This is a text based timeline creator that you can use to create your timeline. You can enter your timeline description, date and title.Some of its pros and cons are highlighted below.

  • First the pros:
  • Future upgrades are possible and free with the pro plan
  • You can easily customize timelines
  • Privacy controls are recent
  • Pro plan has technical support
  • Some of the cons are:
  • Registration is required
  • The free version offers 1 timeline with maximum of 5 events
  • It takes time and energy to create timeline

You can now see the beauty of a timeline 3D, what it offers and the 3D timeline maker that would go a long way in helping you with knowing how to make a 3D timeline. This coupled with the great features of a 3D timeline shows why this is a great way to represent your timelines.

All that is left is for you to move on to start creating your own timeline 3D and you can check for tutorials online that teach you how to make a 3D timeline.

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