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The Simplest and Easiest WP Shopping Cart Plugin

wp shopping cart

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With WP shopping cart, you have the opportunity to sell anything you want. It is easy to use and the WP plugin gives you the chance to sell services and products online in just one click from your WP blog.

Easy and Simple WP Shopping Cart:

Plugin Description: WP shopping cart plugin allows you to add an “add to cart” anywhere you want in your blog. It gives you the chance to add shopping cart to website or post easily. Also, it shows user what they have in their cart and allowing them to remove or add items. Payment is made through PayPal.

Demo of WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

If you are using the WP eStore, it is a premium version. If you do not want to run this WordPress in your blog, you can may do so. What you only need to do is to remove it especially when you are running a two WP shopping plugins. You can still visit the website in WP eStore plugin page and play.

With WP shopping cart, you will not have much a problem because there are tutorials that you can find on the website. It gives you a guide for shopping cart installations and it usage. Apart from this, there are still numerous tutorials that you can check out which include:

  • Basic installation and setup: Gives you an overview on how to make a quick Wordpress shopping cart.
  • Using product variations: It has video showing how you can able to use the product variation.
  • Charging shipping for physical products: It shows how you can setup charge for tangible products that you have.
  • How to sell digital media files: It shows the setup for plugin in selling digital media files that can be found in your site.
  • Display nice product box for items you have: It has a video showing how you create a product box on WP page for items you have.
  • Make specific checkout page: It shows how you can able to create specific checkout page for all your products.
  • Discount coupons feature: It has a video showing how you can use their discount coupon feature in shipping cart plugin.
  • Currencies Supported: Here are some of the currencies supported, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Hongkong Dollar, Danish Krone, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Polish Zloty, Czech Koruna, Mexican Peso, Hungarian Forint and much more.

If you know what WP shopping cart plugin is best for you, you should not let go of the opportunity to have it for yourself to become successful.

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