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The Must-Have Features for Shopping Carts for Websites

shopping carts for websites

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When you are looking for online shopping carts for websites, you need to know about its features because it is important. The more features shopping cart website has, the more you need to choose it because you are guaranteed to experience more.

Must-Have Features for Online Shopping Carts for Websites

  • Analytics and reporting: A shopping cart with this feature allow valuable insight to behaviors of visitors
  • Marketing: It refers to tools and resources that is designed in assisting site promotion. It features like SEO and email marketing. It also facilitates affiliate program and allowing owners to blogging platform. This feature is important because it publicize your products.
  • Order management: It helps in contributing to order process. For e-commerce products, it includes ability for managers to manage inventory, send order and process orders. With it, customers are allowed to cancel unimportant order and to track the shipping. Order management is essential in order to build a successful business.
  • Payments: Payment processing is important feature for online stores and it is necessary to have this feature in order to accept payments, give access to numerous payment gateways, process different credit cards and to facilitate payments through Google Checkout, Amazon payment and PayPal.
  • Product placement: This is about how products be displayed in different ways, sold and viewed. It includes retailing features such as upselling, upload product pictures and cross selling. A good e-commerce software should allow customization in the organization of their products and to compare products.
  • Shopping cart: It allows customers to choose items they want to purchase, facilitate purchase and to continue shopping of items they want. It must offer 1 page checkouts, multiple currencies support and multilingual functionality.
  • Store design: It identifies technical resources and languages supported that assist storefront development and design.
  • 3rd party integration: This refers to additional features, plugins and services that can be added to site in increasing functionality. It includes numerous applications such as marketing, shipping, inventory management, social networking and others.
  • Hosting: It includes restores and data backup.

If you are looking for shopping cart websites, you need to check out for the must have features above to ensure that your site will work well.

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