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The Best Plugins For Edit Theme WordPress

There are an incredible 30,000 WordPress plugins available for you to download and use. Small wonder that a theme developer finds it hard to pick and choose the one that is right! Not only does choosing a WordPress take time, but you can easily choose the wrong one. Oh no! To help you focus on only the very best WP plugins for when you edit your theme for WordPress, let’s take a look at the best ones.

Great Plugins to Edit WordPress Theme

Max Mega Menu

edit theme wordpress

Max Mega Menu could well be the idea drag and drop menu plugin for when you edit your WordPress theme. Responsive and retina touch ready, Max Mega Menu allows you to easily create HUGE menus using widgets. Lovely.


edit theme wordpress

Strange name? Check. Functional plugin? Double check. WPide is a WP code editor that comes with WordPress and PHP functions. This plugin is ideal for syntax highlighting, reference, line numbers and tabbed editing. Try it!

Login LockDown

edit theme wordpress

Having problems with your security? Worried that hackers are trying to infiltrate your website by guessing your admin name and password? Login LockDown can solve all your problems.

This fantastic WP plugin blocks repeated login attempts from the same IP range and basically “locks them out” for a certain amount of time. Hackers, beware!

WP Editor

edit theme wordpress

Use WP Editor to edit your WordPress theme design and you’ll never look back. WP Editor replaces your default plugin, as well as theme editors – and it even replaces your page and post editor. It’s versatile!

Template Debugger

edit theme wordpress

Template Debugger is an essential WordPress plugin if you want to learn more about your visitors’ habits. It compliments Google Analytics in that it allows you to find out which template files are being used by folk who are viewing your pages.


edit wordpress theme

Image credit: mastermindblogger.com

BackupBuddy is a premium backup plugin that gives you the chance to backup your important work. For just $80, you can backup two websites, while just $100 means you can backup ten websites.

Advanced Code Editor

edit wordpress theme

Advanced Code Editor is an ideal plugin for when you edit your WordPress theme. You can highlight syntax in the integrated themes. It supports HTML and PHP.

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