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Stylesheet Guidelines You Need To Know To Create Themes WordPress

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When you create your WordPress themes, there is quite a lot of stuff going on. Unfortunately, creating a theme isn’t as simple as 1,2,3, and indeed becoming a master theme developer takes a lot of time, effort and patience. It also takes a bit of knowledge, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on stylesheets that are essential to create themes WordPress.

What Is A WP Stylesheet?

As well as CSS style info, styles.css arms you with details about the theme in the shape of comments.

In other words, your stylesheet has to provide info about your WordPress own theme in the shape of comments. This is important when you create custom WordPress themes.

Two separate themes cannot have the same details in their comment headers; this will only create issues in the theme selection dialogue. If you start your own theme from scratch by duplicating a currently existing one, you need to change this info first.

Stylesheet Guidelines For Create Themes WordPress

When you create best framework for WordPress themes, you need to follow standard stylesheet guidelines. These are essential to not only the look and feel of your website, but also your development as a theme creator.

  • Always follow CSS coding standards
  • Always use valid CSS when you can. The only exception is using vendor-specific proxies when you’re looking to exploit CSS3 features
  • Try to reduce CSS hacks. Your only real exception should be browsers-specific support. Wherever you can, separate CSS hacks into dividable sections, or even totally different files
  • Always style your HTML elements using your theme. The only exception if it’s a child theme

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