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Snapchat Swipe Switch for Filters

One of the best photo sharing applications that became popular is the Snapchat. You can share moments with your friends through this application. More than 400 million images daily are shared in the platform that makes it stand out among other applications.

Just recently, new updates were added to the application. This includes several swipe switch features like front facing flash, smart filters, visual filters, special text, snapchat swipe for filters, and replay. You can also select 7 best friends to share your photos.

To use these features, go to Snapchat settings and allow each setting to your app.

  • Replay

Replay is another Snapchat feature that allows the user to view the image or watch a video once a day. The sender can’t manage and control the Replay. The receiver only has the access to use this new Snapchat feature. How can you access the Replay Snapchat feature?

  1. Press the gear icon on the Snapchat’s home screen. It is located in the top right hand corner of your phone.
  2. In the Additional Service, click Manage.
  3. Look for the Replay option and turn it on.
  • Visual Filters

Follow the steps above to turn on the Visual Filters. Once activated, you can utilize the Visual filters just like your Instagram app. Four filters are available in the Visual Filter. You can edit and apply these filters to your snapchats. Use the snapchat swipe for filters to make your images attractive and emphasized. Swipe switchthe image either to the right or left to access the filters.

swipe switch

Image credit: theverge.com

  • Smart Filters

Activate the smart filters similar to above instructions. This update displays temperature, time and the speed of your Snapchat image. You can reveal the details by swiping the screen to the left. Once you share the image with the smart filters activated, they will be aware of when and how you took the snapchat.

  • Front-Facing Flash

This update is a great addition to your Snapchat application. Taking selfies is perfect, even in a dark area. With the front-facing flash, the phone screen brightens while taking your self-portrait. You don’t need to edit and increase the image brightness since this feature do this beforehand. For selfie addicts, this is an outstanding update.

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  • Special Text

Turn on your Special Text feature and enjoy customizing your texts and messages. In the top right corner of the application, click on the “T” button to utilize the feature. You can manage to type with a small, normal to larger font sizes. Also you can try to use custom backgrounds.

  • Best Friends

Previously on the Snapchat, the default and required best friends to share your images and videos is only three. Now, with the new updates, you can add more best friend up to 7 people. Share your memories with these people instantly with Snapchats. To activate this feature, go to Additional Service option in the Settings tab. Then click Manage and turn on the Best Friends.

These features have created a more flexible and useful Snapchats app. Depending on your needs and preference, you can appreciate each of the updates.

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