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Simple Shopping Cart Trouble Shooting Tutorial

simple shopping cart

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If you want to know more about simple shopping cart, you need to make a research but when you do not have much time because you are busy, this page helps you to know more. It reveals some troubleshooting techniques for your shopping cart software.

Simple Shopping Cart PhP

  • No text, no image displayed and cart is empty: The solution is to use a shortcode (always_show_wp_shopping_cart). Be sure to use the shortcode to appear what you are looking for.
  • Have 1 orders in the cart: order one and order four (4). What is going to happen to order two (2) and three (3): You need to clean a pending order after a couple of days because the user may not pay it. Log in to your WordPress panel and select cart orders> >cart orders and get rid of old orders.
  • The button for the cart isn’t proceeding to cart page: If this happened and you inputted the shortcode for cart in another post or page, you need to include that post or page to following settings which is “auto redirection into the checkout page”.
  • What account of PayPal will be right for you: For simple shopping cart php, there are solutions for this. Check and ensure that you inputted the correct type of account on PayPal, whether it is business account or premier account. Premier account as for persons with high volume of transaction and business account is good for people who accept low payments.
  • Display number of items in cart: Here is code you need to display items in cart:
if (isset($_SESSION['simpleCart']) && is_array($_SESSION['simpleCart']))
foreach ($_SESSION['simpleCart'] as $item)
$sub_total += $item['price'] * $item['quantity'];
$total_items += $item['quantity'];
echo "Total Items: ".$total_items;
echo "Sub Total: ".$sub_total;

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