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Quick Cart Shopping Cart

quick cart shopping cart

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quick cartQuick Cart is a simple shopping cart and it is worth to mention. It has a high script that is efficient and a good choice for people that is seeking for script that will meet their needs. To know more information about quick cart shopping cart, read this!

Quick Cart Shopping Cart: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Simple modification and installation: The shopping cart stores data in files easily and it takes a few minutes. Its script structure is easy to make site’s graphics which is working on CSS’s.
  • Friendly administration panel: You do not need special skills to manage products, menu, configuration and images. The administration panel of Quick.Cart is clear and with clarity.
  • Technical support: Its script is not popular just like others but when it comes to community, it is strong.
  • Great SEO support: Friendly links, defineable titles, link names, meta descriptions and HTML code gives the shopping cart great browser positioning.
  • Efficiency and requirements: Quick.Cart script code is not much extensive that it why it takes while to take heavy traffic but it is definitely fast. It is faster compared to OpenCart or PrestaShop. It does not need to be connected to database such as SQL.
  • Mobile version: Quick.Cart script has built in mobile version. If you are using your phone, you can select page version with few graphics and have more content instead.


  • Plugins and templates: It does not have many plugins as well as skins.
  • Database: Its database can be a drawback when you have many products. The efficiency of flat files will decrease when amount of data will increase.
  • Modification needs PHP knowledge: Modifying functionalities of Quick.Cart needs PhP knowledge. For instance, if you need some additional field, it will not be easy.
  • Graphics modification needs HTML and CSS knowledge: The shopping cart doesn’t include built in design. Every time you want to change the layout of your page, you need to edit the graphics templates. Their script is based on Smarty template system.

quick cart shopping cartQuick.Cart shopping cart software or wordpress plugin development is a good script for internet shopping and it is easy to use but it required knowledge on CMS and HTML for editing graphics templates. It is definitely efficient as long it does not contain many products.

To have more options when making the right decision, have a look at our opencart shopping cart review!

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