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PSD to WordPress Service

Individuals often ask how they can convert psd to WordPress but the answer isn’t nearly as clear-cut as they might like. The two file systems hold something entirely different. The PSD file format is for graphics, but not in the same way that JPG or GIF files are saved. Rather it’s a metric of all the line segments that go into the recreation of that particular image, and therefore can’t be directly converted. There are some options for those who want to move between the two platforms.

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Moving from Photoshop to WordPress

It’s important to think of Photoshop and WordPress as two different platforms rather than two different formats. Photoshop is a completely different beast, and it’s something that might confuse some people. WordPress expects to see HTML, and there is a way to convert a PSD file to HTML in a manner of speaking. Select slice from the menu and begin to draw boxes around each element onscreen that’s created as a result of drawing the PSD file. Once this is done select export from the file menu and save it as an HTML file.

Of course if its just the data that needs to be preserved in general then there is one other way that this can be done. Users can instead select the file menu again and go immediately to export. Then select JPG, PNG or GIF to save it as the preferred file and finally upload it to WordPress. Each of these has a benefit, but a few drawbacks.

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Going with a Pro

Those interested in doing this on a regular basis might want to invest in a psd to wordpress SEO service who can work to ensure that they can get the job done consistently. Individuals who insist on doing it on their own might want to save PSD files in a variety of formats. They can then cycle through and see which of these are the best.

Converting a Photoshop Document (PSD) to HTML

A well-used method for creating a website design is to first design the look of the website in Photoshop, unfortunately, the resulting image is not something that you can just “use” as a website. It then needs to be converted to code using usually HTML, CSS and also JavaScript. You could do the same with almost any image created through any other software.

The basic outline of what you need to do is:

  • Design a high quality mock up of your website in Photoshop
  • Use a slice tool to cut up the different images from your site image
  • Export the images for web use
  • Write the relevant code required to utilize the images that you have created

Of course to do this requires expert knowledge of all of the different tools involved as well as coding knowledge to make all of this work correctly. This is not a task that just anyone can do. As it says on the instructables website:

“Before you begin to design or if you have already made it then you must ensure that you have a clear understanding of the project. This will help you come out with an eye-catching design that would have all the elements, like: Header, Navigation Bar, Footer, Sidebar, etc., placed in a sequential order.”

If you want expert and effective help to convert your PSD mockup for your WordPress theme just contact our highly qualified specialists for quick and reliable support that you can trust to deliver the goods.