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Pros and Cons of Different Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Systems

multi vendor shopping cart

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multi vendor shopping cartThere are a lot of ecommerce platforms online but not all multi vendor shopping cart can give you an efficient interface. A multi vendor shopping cart software must be chosen carefully for profit and savings. Continue reading below to know which multi vendor shopping cart can satisfy your business requirements.

CS. Cart Multi –Vendor

  • The CS.Cart permits you to operate your website on your own server. This means that you are given complete control on maintenance processes and website contents. The conventional package from CS. Cart does not require you to open multi-vendor sites because the company provides a segregated package to make their happen.

CS.Cart has a lifetime price of $1,450 or $590 yearly.

WordPress with Marketify Theme

  • A quick way to apply a multi vendor shopping cart software is to use WordPress along with the Marketify Theme. It is an easy platform to operate for beginners because all you need to do is install WordPress, activate the theme and begin creating your website.

multi vendor shopping cart softwareMarketify is pegged at $63, and is an ideal companion for WordPress (free) since in works well with EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) that makes online product selling simple since it allows users to log into their social network accounts to speed up the procedure. Generally, this multi-vendor program operates satisfactorily with any kind of online business but calls for some technical know-how, although it’s relatively easy to upload a theme into WordPress once you know the basics.

Magento and Marketplace (Price: $349 excluding Magento licensing)

  • Another open source platform like WordPress, Magento is a very popular multivendor platform for ecommerce (find out more about Magento in our Magento shopping cart review). It is vital to remember that you need to have an extension in order to operate a multivendor program within your website, and the said extension is Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module. This module permits you to transform Magento to a multi-vendor software package.

multi vendor shopping cart onlineThe presence of an extension allows Magento to offer segregated seller profiles to have their own accounts and oversee their respective contents. This multi vendor package is reasonably priced, affordable and can be easily installed.

A multi vendor shopping cart usually comes with a price but provides convenient forms of payments for customers; and assist store owners to constantly improve their business.

So get started to check multi vendor shopping cart!

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