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Pros and Cons of a Website with Background Video

Are you considering a website with background video?

Using video as website background is a growing trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Why the growing popularity of website background video. HTML5 had a lot to do with it, as it contains elements that make it easier to embed video in any HTML document. Although it is easier it still may not be practical for a site to use video in background. Website owner will need to look at the positive and negative aspects of video backgrounds, and decide what is best for their site.

Pros and cons of a website with background video

Just because something is new or is trendy doesn’t mean that you should automatically follow the crowd. There are both some positive and negative aspects to having a website with background video. Some of the negatives of using video background include:

  • Not every browser will be compatible with your video: No video format is universally supported by all browsers. Regardless of the format you choose there will be some browsers it won’t work on. You can use multiple sources to provide a video in a variety of formats and display a static image if all else fails.It does become more complex and increases the chance of somebody seeing your moving background as an error message rather than experiencing the site as you would like them to.
  • Loading time: Having a video background will increase the loading time of your site. Most people will just move on to another site when pages are taking a long time to load. You don’t want to lose visitors due to slow loading pages and you can expect at least a slight increase in loading time using background video.
  • SEO issues: Search engines won’t gather much about your site from just video. Text content will be needed to support video. You can write good content to support the video or even add a transcript of the video but both will require extra work.
  • Auto-play isn’t always popular: Some people take an instant dislike to auto-play videos. There is the potential of losing some potential customers because of it as nobody wants the shock of blaring music unexpectedly.

website with background video

Now that you are aware of some of the drawbacks of using video backgrounds, we need to consider some of the positive aspects of using video for your website background. These include:

  • Video is engaging: There is plenty of competition for visitors out there, and it isn’t easy to catch and hold the attention of visitors. Video background that fills the page is something that does draw immediate attention. If it appeals in some way to the viewer, whether it is because it’s funny, interesting or attractive, the visitor will be more inclined to stay longer on your site. If well done it, word may even be passed to their friends or posted on their social media.
  • More informative: In some cases having a video background can get your message across better that the written word or static pictures could. You could use embedded video but the visitor may not play the video given the option. Information provided on a background video is hard to miss. If you have a message that is conveyed well on video, background video loops are an ideal method of ensuring a visitor doesn’t miss the message.
  • Visitor perception: Having video background on your website can create a positive impression. Many visitors to the site will perceive it as a sign that your business is one that keeps up with the latest developments and technology in your own field.

Ultimately you will have to evaluate the benefits of having background video on your website and determine if those benefits outweigh the negative aspects of video backgrounds. Most of the negatives can be overcome with proper site development. There are technical answers to address most issues. You will also need to consider if the message that you want to convey is one that is best done through the use of a website background video. Even overcoming all technical issues doesn’t guarantee that background video is the right way to go.

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