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Prestashop Shopping Cart

prestashop shopping cart

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PrestaShop is a popular shopping cart online and its community is strong. When it comes to features, it all functions which improve the plugins. This shopping cart software has good functionalities and it is efficient to use.

PrestaShop Shopping Cart: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Administration: The administration is easy to know and very intuitive. It is good for beginners.
  • Community: Lots of users are contributing to great support system.
  • Modification and installation: Their script is based primarily on popular template known as “Smarty”. It is known to lots of programmers and designers.
  • Functionalities: Numerous functionalities that are built in PrestaShop have no match to Magento. It is perfect for starters and intermediate shop owners online.


  • Large amount of bug fixes: Script programmers are releasing big fixes as well as new options twice a month. Updates are necessary for security issues.
  • Paid functionalities: The built in functionalities which is free to others is payable in PrestaShop.
  • Scalability: The programmer hinders owners to develop their cart.

PrestaShop Shopping Cart Module

If you’re selling services, digital goods or other goods, you have two ways to set up your shop. For 3rd party payment gateway, they can use PayPal order form that’s provided by them. If you’re selling more than 1 item or digital goods, you need to set up your shopping cart system. For digital goods, it will automatically deliver goods to visitors who ordered it. If you have merchant account, you need to install shopping cart.

If you are new, you need to begin with their tutorial by viewing “how to design or create your own site: the beginner’s guide A to Z guide”. It was created for beginners who do not know what they should do. To get started with PrestaShop, you need to:

  • Set up MySQL Database
  • Get payment gateway or merchant account
  • Get secure certificate

In setting up PrestaShop, here is what you need to do:

  • Download PrestaShop
  • Upload PrestaShop in your site
  • Visit your site shopping cart using web browser
  • Read welcome screen
  • PrestaShop will ask for permissions (confirm it)
  • In database configuration, enter the information that you have obtained in setting up MySQL database.
  • Create your admin account
  • Installation is complete

With PrestaShop shopping cart module, you know what you should do because you have a guide. Visit the site to know more information and get ready to use it!

Still feeling indecisive? Then try using a Shopify shopping cart!

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