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Prestashop Create Theme Guide In 10 Easy Steps

prestashop create themeBuilding a brand new PrestaShop website can be a pretty thankless task, and if you aren’t fully clued-up on what you’re doing, it can be a pretty time consuming task too.

Whereas a WP theme development is fairly an easy task, a Prestashop theme requires a whole host of pages, including a home page, user account pages, a product page, a cart page – and so on!

Let’s take a look at PrestaShop create theme – the easy way.

Create PrestaShop Template

  • The first step is actually really easy. What you’re looking to do here it make an exact copy of PrestaShop’s default them folder. If you are using PrestaShop 1.4, your default theme will be located in /themes/prestashop/folder. If you are using PrestaShop 1.5, your default theme will be located in /themes/default folder.
  • Now create a name for your copy of the folder. This name should be the name of your theme, and you cannot use upper case letters. It’s important also that you check the AddOns website to make sure that your theme name is not already in use. This would certainly be harmful to the originality of your brand!
  • Now place your named folder into the /themes folder.

Prestashop Create Theme – Clean Up

Your default theme will contain a lot of content and styles that you don’t actually need. This is because a wealth of modules are installed by default by PrestaShop themselves. Some are useful, but others are not. The two modules your theme absolutely needs to have are:

  • BlockCart
  • BlockMyAccount

You will not be able to sell a product without these. You will also notice that there are several other modules; some you will want to keep, but others you definitely won’t.

Separating which ones you want to keep and which ones you don’t will take some time, but cleaning up your theme will certainly be worth the trouble and effort.

Create PrestaShop Template – Create Content!

  • Your theme will display content that has been lifted from the PrestaShop database. Whatever you want to do with your theme, you can’t design anything without content.
  • The demo data that will have already be installed with help you to get started. It comes with products, stores, categories and much more.
  • A fresh installation will allow you the chance to start designing from scratch – which is certainly fun.
  • You will also currently have empty stores that need content before you can really see how your theme reacts to it all.
  • Start by exploring the templates on offer, as well as JavaScript codes, CSS rules, content blocks and much more.

If you feel you need help with Prestashop theme development, you are free to contact us anytime!

So what are you waiting for? Go and choose from a variety of Presta create theme!

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