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Portfolio Management Company Creating

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Creating a Portfolio Management Company Design That Is Effective

Discussion of management company portfolios can often become confusing due to some terminology that is similar. A management company may be a business that manages properties, investments or something similar. A management company portfolio can be:

  • The collection of assets that the company manages which may be a variety of stocks, real estate properties or whatever the management company specializes in.
  • A collection of past projects a business has managed that showcases their management ability in their industry and services they provide.

The second is the type of management company portfolio under discussion here. This type of management portfolio is a marketing tool that can be used to promote the companies services. As with business portfolios in any industry, creating an effective portfolio hinges on the following:

  • Defining a specific objective/objectives that a portfolio investment company is expected to accomplish.
  • Identifying the audience that the portfolio management company is intended to target

What to Include in the Management Company Portfolio

management-company-portfolio-exampleAfter determining the objective and audience, the next step is to decide what to include in the portfolio. Management company services and projects don’t produce results that can be seen visually such as a construction company or a design company does. Company portfolio design for a management company should incorporate the following:

  • Samples of work that showcase services: As a management companies previous projects don’t produce results that can be captured in a visual medium like photographs, other medium such as graphs and tables might be used as well as quality written content.
  • Numbers and statistics: Management company project results are often best represented through numbers and statistics. Those interested in their services like to know statistical information such as return on investment. Include statistics that are relevant and important to the particular industry. However, don’t bury the reader in numbers. Keep it simple and easy to understand and only show the most important figures.
  • An “About” page: Company background information, clients served, services offered and other basic company information that a potential customer may want to know can be included.
  • Contact information: Company contact information should be easy to locate and include as many ways to contact the company as possible.

An effective management company portfolio can increase sales and attract new customers but creating an effective company portfolio requires specialized knowledge and experience. Using a business portfolio service like we offer is the best way to ensure an effective portfolio.

Management Company Portfolio Example


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