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Our Best Landing Page Examples

our best landing page examples

You can see the best landing page examples just by looking at the home page of a website or landing page. Putting yourself on the shoes of a web visitor who’s looking for a substantial content will lead you to the best look of a landing page you wanted to achieve. If you were a visitor, you would want to see the chunk of the page is offering the first time you look at it. Of course, you would want a landing page that will keep you engaged to the product or service it offers.

The Best Landing Page Samples are Attention Grabbers

Hooking your audience to your landing page is one of your major objectives. This is achieved by grabbing their attention with something significant, relatable and satisfying for them. How you would do this?

First, determine your target audience. For example, if you are targeting photo enthusiast, your design must include the best things important to a photographer, a photo. You can include tabs about photo properties, app editor, best collections per category and contact information.

Second, relatable. The best landing page examples contain subjects that are relative and complementary to each other. In case of a photography-landing page, you would not think to include something about quantum physics on it, not unless you have a very good picture category about such subject.

Third, the best landing page samples have something satisfying to offer to its audience. Your photography-landing page can include short tutorial and techniques that any other page does not have. Once the audience gets to know that they can have something out of it, you know something positive will happen in the near future.

The Best Landing Page Examples Inflict Actions

Once you have the users’ attention, the next thing you must do is to keep them hooked on your landing page and persuade them to a certain action. If your landing page aims to introduce new DSL techniques, you must be able to make users understand your objective and have them try your process. The best landing page samples do not only display the interface of the page but it captures attention and drive action into completion.

If you are looking for the best landing page examples, check out these!

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