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Opencart Shopping Cart

opencart shopping cart

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OpenCart is a popular script that will manage your shopping cart. OpenCart shopping cart has numerous plugins, easy to customization and it is efficient. In fact, it is a good alternative for PrestaShop. There are still many things you should know with this shopping cart software.

OpenCart Shopping Cart: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Numerous plugins: The free version is not rich just like Magento or PrestaShop when it comes to functionalities but when you get the latest version, you get 1500 plugins.
  • Community: The good thing is that you get technical support from discussion boards. There are many users who are contributing but not impressive like PrestaShop; however, the community is still substantial.
  • XHTML and MVC: Its script architecture is based on Model View Controller or MVC.
  • Modifications: The script of OpenCart is easy and compared to PrestaShop, it does based on Smart style. OpenCart has clear structure of templates that is why there is no problem with it.
  • Efficiency: OpenCart does not have much built it functionalities but it is the reason why it efficient because there are no much plugins.
  • Administration: The administration of shopping cart OpenCart is clear, easy and neat to manage and it is the biggest advantage of this shopping cart. It is a good choice for beginners.


  • Updating and plugins: When you purchase OpenCart, some of the functionalities does not work and lots of authors release updates that take a while.
  • Javascript and CSS: The version of basic unoptimized allows clients to download 500 KB of Javascript code and CSS.
  • Functionalities: If you are seeking to have large shop, you need to check OpenCart if its offers the functionalities that you need. If it does not, you need to seek for paid or free add-ons list. It some cases, PrestaShop and Magento is offering it for free wherein you need to pay it on OpenCart.

Shopping Cart OpenCart is a good alternative for PrestaShop because it is a wonderful script for starters and intermediate shop owners or programmers. It works with numerous products. It has a high efficiency, several free add-ons and good technical support. It is a good start if you are planning to build a business online.

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