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Main Causes of Shopping Cart Abandonment

shopping cart abandonment

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Shopping cart abandonment is a great loss and major headache for retailers and product distributors. This happens when customers drop off and leave their online shopping carts before totally completing their purchase. How can you prevent this from happening? A report from Business Insider (BI) Intelligence analyzes the major reasons on why cases of abandoned shopping cart continue, how retailers can prevent them, and how they can actually gain profit from these unfortunate events.

The following articles will point out those reasons and try to summarize the possible solutions to help out online sellers.

Why Do Shoppers Lead To Shopping Cart Abandonment

Imagine you are in a grocery store or shopping center and you just need to buy one or two items. After putting the merchandise in your secure shopping cart, the cashier asked you to fill out a form, kept you waiting for some manager’s approval, but you’d like to pay cash. Or you are asked for some survey before completing your purchase. How tiring could that be? This also happens in online shopping.

Shopping cart abandonment is often caused by customers who get tired from the tedious, long and monotonous process in your webpage. Let’s face it, people would just want a comfortable and easy process, that is why they opted the online shopping – to get free from the endless line in shopping centers. But when the see that your webpage has the same process, they would just drop what they are doing and that will lead to shopping cart abandonment.

What Should You Do To Lessen Shopping Cart Abandonment

Simplify the process as much as possible. Avoid conducting online surveys when online shoppers are at the middle of putting items in their carts. Disclose a Return Policy and the contact information or customer care hotline where clients can call if they have any concern.

Are Abandoned Shopping Carts Equivalent To Lost Sale

According to online shopping analysts, an abandoned shopping cart does not necessarily mean a lost sale. Retailers can still recover revenue from anabandoned shopping cart by simply sending a reminder email to customers about their unfinished shopping activity. This will prompt your target customer to get back on their carts and complete their purchase.

Using Shopping Cart Abandonment Software

There is available shopping cart abandonment software that you can download to help you track abandoned carts and recover them if possible. This software are often available as plug ins or additional service when you download a shopping cart software for your webpage.

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