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List Of The Best Moodle Themes For Business

Moodle is the most popular e-learning system on the Internet. No other learning management comes even close.

The base software is totally free, and it’s got a reliable reputation which has helped Moodle to cultivate an enviable relationship based on trust with its customers.

Although many schools, colleges and Universities use moodle to help with the students’ learning, small businesses now use Moodle theme development too.

If you’re a corporate trainer, moodle has everything that you need, including themes, add-ons, modules, tools, platforms, and so on.

If you’re own a small business and you’re looking to get the best out of moodle, let’s take a look at the best moodle themes and opencart theme that are available.

Best Moodle Themes

Microsoft OneDrive For Business

best moodle themes

There are actually oodles of plugins available from Microsoft, but this one gets our vote above all the others. With this theme, you can access all your OneDrive Business files in one place (moodle), and convert it into an e-learning hub.

best moodle themesLinkedIn

Unlike college students, your employees will probably have their own LinkedIn account. One of the reasons we see this is as one of the best theme moodle is down to the fact that it lets you login using your LinkedIn account, ensuring that your learners are much more likely sign in and learn.

Training Sessions

best moodle themes

Training Sessions is certainly not for every corporate trainer, and we recommend that you opt for this one only if you’ll be using moodle in a professional development environment. It allows you to track and assess your individual learners, as well as groups of learners should you so wish. You can also handily export your reports to Excel for analysis.

Level Up!

theme moodle

Looking to gamify your e-learning with a quality theme moodle? Then get onto Level Up!, an appropriately named theme that hands out experience pointers to learners and helps them to see a visual graph of their progress. Awesome!

(though not so awesome if you’re in last place)


theme moodle

How about indulging in a live training session in the form of a webinar? Moodle allows you to hook up your e-learning system with a web conference to enhance your corporate learning experience. Excellent.

You can also get to know more about Moodle essential theme and its customization!

Need help with your theme Moodle? We bet we can easily help!

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