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Joomla Template Development Tips For Beginners

Joomla template developmentThe way your Joomla website looks can make or break your website. If it looks clean, snazzy and eye-catching, you’ll have a great chance of attracting visitors who will be able to enjoy your site.

If, however, it’s bland and actually kinda messy, you’re going to push your visitors away.

Joomla is fantastic because it’s a totally free open-source management system that allows any of us to create and publish content to the web.

But if you don’t anything about Joomla theme development, you could end up with a messy website that breaks the Internet – in a bad way!

To help you out, let’s take a look at a few Joomla template development tips.

Joomla Theme Tips: Links To External Sites Should Open In New Window

A very common mistake that novice theme developers make is that they link to external sites in the same window.

What essentially happens is that your visitor then disappears to a totally new and perhaps totally awesome website.

In fact, this new website might be so awesome that they won’t come back to yours.

Ever again.


When designing your Joomla theme, make sure to link to all outside sites in a new window.

Joomla Theme Tips: Resize All Your Images

Joomla template development actually makes it impossible to resize your images. This is your job!

There are plenty of free websites that will helpfully resize your images for you; alternatively, you could upload a huge images to Joomla and then resize it in the HTML editor. The only problem with this is that gigantic images take longer to load.

Joomla Template Development: Don’t Use Spaces In Your File Names

You’re a beginner, we get it. As such, you’ll no doubt be making a few mistakes along the way while you’re playing around with your Joomla themes. One mistake that many beginners tend to make is they put spaces in their file names.

But because you’re customising your theme, spaces will only create lots of messy code and wild, unforeseeable issues.

Instead, use underscore to separate words.

Joomla Template Development: Never Copy And Paste Text From A Word Document Into Your Template

Again, this is an easy mistake to make when you’re starting out with your themes. Our theme developer would never make such.

After all, copying and pasting text from MS Word into your template saves you lots of time, right? So now You can find out more about prestashop templates!

Of course. But doing so creates lots of messy code that can damage your site. To get around this niggling issue, you should copy and past your text from MS Word into Notepad or Text Editor, where the software will strip out the code.

From here, you can copy and paste the text into your Joomla template. Lovely!

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