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How We Create A Timeline Website For You

Create a timeline with our service

create a timelineIncorporating a well designed infographic timeline into your website can provide a number of benefits including increasing both traffic and business. Whenever the smooth and efficient operation of your timeline website is important, using a professional service is a good idea to ensure the function of your website is in no way hampered by any changes that are made. When you choose our service to build a timeline for you, there is a standard process we follow for every project.

Five step process we use to create a timeline for you

When we create a timeline online there is set procedure we follow that consists of the following five steps:

create a timelineTimeline request and quotation – Using the online order form available on our website submit your request for timeline development. Your request should include what you want your timeline to include, its purpose and what you want it to accomplish and any special design elements that you may want to include. Also include technical requirements such as your websites CMS (content management system), other applications being used on your website and any other relevant technical information. Adding or altering a website can have unexpected consequences and having all the technical information ensures you don’t experience any. Make sure all information on the order form is complete and correct. Your email address is especially important as this is where we will send your quotation for creating your timeline. After making sure all necessary information is included and correct submit the order request form.

make a timelineQuotation delivered – The quote to make a timeline for your website will be emailed to you. The quotation will include the total price as well as the amount of down payment that will be required and a schedule of installment payments to be made during the development process. An estimate of the number of hours involved for different stages of the development process will also be provided along with an expected completion date. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the quote or anything to do with the timeline development process.

build a timelineComplete your down payment – Once you find everything is agreeable and are ready to proceed you will need to make your initial down payment. This can be done on the payment page of our website using any major credit card or PayPal. Our payment platform is very secure and all information you submit will be kept confidential and secure. Once your down payment has been confirmed, you will be assigned to a personal account manager and work on your timeline project will begin. The personal account manager will be your main point of contact with the development team working on your project.

make a timeline websiteDevelopment updates – You will be provided with regular updates during the project development and kept up to date on progress. Depending on your particular project and agreement you may make additional installment payments during the development phase. Every project differs depending on what all is involved. Any additional installment payments can be made using the same process as was used when making the down payment. You are entitled to check on your projects progress at any time, should you wish additional updates. Live customer support is always available 24/7 to address questions and concerns, and always willing to help.

make a timeline websiteFinal testing – After the timeline has been designed and built it must go through a testing phase. When we make a timeline, website functions and the function of other applications should not be adversely affected in any way. Stringent and extensive testing is done to ensure no bugs or glitches exist. We work to ensure no situation occurs that will interfere with your website operation or cause the timeline to operate other than as expected. Once testing has been satisfactorily completed and has met our quality assurance standards you will be notified so that you can complete your payment schedule. After final payment is confirmed your may take delivery of your new custom developed timeline.

make a timelineAlthough our testing procedures are very thorough, on rare occasions it happens that a timeline doesn’t operate completely as expected. In most cases a few minor tweaks will resolve any problems and we encourage you to notify us immediately should you experience any difficulties. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we provide a complete customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. In the unlikely event we are unable to resolve any problem and fail to meet all of your requirements you are entitled to a refund.

When you choose us to create a timeline for your website, we are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with every aspect of the service we provide.