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How to Use Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

After having installed the yoast wordpress plugin the first thing to change tends to be the permanent link structure. Once this is set up, make sure that the system properly reflects whether the blog prefers to have www. before the wordpress address. While these two steps might seem like formalities, every little thing matters when using a percision tool like Yoast. When going about this, it’s also a great idea to optimize title tags for SEO. While Yoast will always show how influential each of these changes are, fixing them now is a good idea since its already being thought about.

 Using the Yoast Plugin

Most other seo plugins for wordpress including lightbox wordpress plugin don’t nearly have the features that yoast does. In fact, the software might have too much for many users to cope with. That’s where this helpful guide to using the yoast wordpress seo plugin software comes into play:

  •   Taxonomy support is used to check title, tag, category and meta description data
  •   Post title and meta description box changes each of these on a per post basis
  •   Focused keyword testing allows the inspection of each individual keyword
  •   Search result snippet previews showcase what happens when someone puts in one of those specific keywords into Google
  •   Check out the meta robots configuration panel, which allows users to easily add noindex, nofollow, noodp and noydir meta tags to content
  •  RSS sections allow the user to configure header and footer data
  •   XML site maps aren’t like the sorts of site maps that many people use, but these are configurable and yoast can parse them
  •  The editor allows easy access to the robots.txt and .htaccess files without having to track them down individually

 News and Updates Function

Those who use the yoast wordpress plugin including our wordpress website specialists have noticed another function too. It provides seo plugins for wordpress for XML news site maps. This is absolutely ideal for those who feed headlines to their readership with RSS or Atom technology.

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