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How to Use WordPress Plugins

Technically premium top wordpress plugins might cost outside money, and there are times when they’re certainly worth it. There are some really excellent options out there for those who are willing to look for them. Specialists will certainly want to make use of these. That being said there are plenty of other free alternatives that can save developers plenty of money.

guide on how to use wordpress plugins

Learning to Use Them

Those who might not know how to use wordpress plugins as it were might be surprised to learn they come in two flavors more or less. Drop in software is initially uploaded. These premium wordpress plugins are then activated and used from the administration panel. They’re not the kind of thing that’s run elsewhere, which makes them ideal for solving specific problems that users don’t need to recognize.

Other  wordpress premium plugins are a little different. They’re certainly installed via the administration panel after an upload period, but there’s more to them than just that. These plugins require modifications to the theme in general, which is why some people have referred to them as plugins that require a bit of messing around. In fact, so-called mess around plugins have become something of a name for them. Once one of these has been uploaded it should display some form of documentation as with others wordpress services. That documentation provides information on what types of theme modifications are required in order to make the system accept the installation of the software.

premium wordpress plugins services


Deploying the Plugins

Once the wordpress premium plugins are actually up and running things are much easier to work with, but getting them there might end up taking some time. That could be a problem for some users who might not be experienced with theme editing. It’s generally good to avoid any plugin that edits the theme if someone feels uncomfortable with it. By the way, add on software doesn’t always get along. It’s possible to have some plugins that work regularly and some that don’t, so make sure that they all actually behave comfortably. It’s a good idea to back things up as well of course.

Short Guide on How to Use Plugins

Plugins are an excellent way to achieve additional functionality to your website without having to alter the theme itself. Using them and installing them is also very simple.

To install a new plugin from your admin area just follow the following steps:

  • Go to “Plugins” on the menu bar and click “Add New”
  • Search for the Plugin that you want to upload
  • Select the Plugin and choose “Install now”

When you are browsing for a plugin you can also click on “Description”. This will give you a huge amount of information about the plugin so that you can decide if it is the right one for you.

To activate a plugin:

  • From the admin area select plugins -> Installed Plugins
  • Scroll to find the Plugin that you wish to activate or deactivate
  • Click activate or deactivate as required

Some plugins require nothing more to be done depending on their function. Many however will add additional options to the admin menu. Most of the time these will function with the default setting that will be loaded with the plugin. Other times you will have to select the relevant menu option within your admin area and configure the options for the plugin to your requirements.

Also that not every plugin will function with ever theme without any issues. There are times when you may get problems with a plugin and you may have to deactivate it and use an alternative. There are often several plugins that will provide a similar functionality so you will often be able to find something that will work even if the first does not.

You also do not have to try to find one plugin that does everything that you need, as WPBeginner says:

“Remember that it doesn’t have to be one plugin that does everything. If you find two plugins that work well together to give you what you need, then install those 2 plugins. The total count of plugin does not matter, the quality does.”

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