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How to Use and Install WP Cache Plugin?

Speed is an important search ranking factor , which is why its important for your website to improve its speed. You can easily have the speed of your website improved through the installation of different wp cache plugins, however many people will recommend you to use the wp super cache plugin, as it happens to be one of the best wordpress cache plugins available right now.

The plugin is installed using the same method that is used for the installation of mailchimp for wordpress. For setting up the WP Super Cache, you need to follow along the following steps:

Steps for Setting up the Plugin

There are two ways through which you can set it up for your use. First is the easy way and the other is the advanced way. Both are covered in detail in this tutorial.

The Easy Way

In the easy way you are required to enable the cache by going to the settings menu then selecting the WP Super Cache. Turn Caching on under the easy tab and click the update button at the end.

Also click on the test button to check if its working or not. As a test the Plugin will fetch your website twice to compare the time of both pages. If the time stamps match then it means the cache is working correctly.

The Advanced Way

As the WP super cache is a very powerful plugin, there are various advanced options that are available for improving the site’s performance in the search results. For setting the advanced options, Go to Settings menu and click on the Super Cache. Go to the Advanced tab.

Enabling Caching

Check the box that has the message ‘cache hits to this website for quick access.’ There are three different options given below it. The plugin uses PHP by default for serving cache files which is quite helpful on shared hosting environments which is why you need to use the mod_rewrite for serving cache files. Click the update button for saving the required changes.

You will now be shown two notifications, one for updating mod_rewrite and the other one for scheduling of garbage collection. Scroll the page to check for the mod_rewrite rules which you have to add. Click on the update Mod_Rewrite rules to get it done easily.

For the garbage collection, you need to scroll down on the advanced settings page till the Expiry Time and Garbage Collection section is visible on your screen. You can now set up the time for the garbage collection of the cached files on the server.

You can also compress cached files using the ‘compress pages so they are served more quickly to visitors’ check box.

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