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How to Save Flipboard Magazine to Computer

Flipboard magazine is your personal channel to gain access about the topics and news you are interested. You can browse and read for articles using this Flipboard magazine. Flipboard was first available in tablets and smartphones. Now, it can be accessed through the web. Similarly with the tablet’s Flip board app, the flip animation is present in its web format.

Clipboard download on the web is now available. Installing it on your web browser is easy so you can access and share Flipboard’s stories to friends conveniently.

  • Features of Flipboard Magazine

The app includes several features that are helpful and accessible; especially that it is a busy environment.

With Flipboard, you can sort your favorite pages like social media, news and interests to a personalized magazine. By pressing the “+” button, you can start creating a magazine where you can save and collect your videos, stories and images. Moreover, you can connect to social media networks. This enables you to comment, like and share your favorite articles on your social accounts.

  • Accessing Your Flipboard Download Magazine

Log-in to your Flipboard account through the Flipboard Editor page. The magazine will appear and a create button can be seen. This button is to create your fresh magazine in the browser. Instead of the flip animation, a grid format will appear that presents two different topics of your choice. Editing your Flipboard profile is possible in this area.

In the web browser, larger Flipboard magazines are shown and headlines appear once articles are generated.

flipboard magazine

Image credit: about.flipboard.com

  • Flipboard Flip Animation

No difference is made between the phones and PC’s flip animation. Instead, an emulating improvement makes the navigation experience more suitable using your PC’s mouse or keyboard. You can flip the pages by clicking your mouse on the screen directional arrows. The right and left arrow keys in the keyboard also help in navigating the page. The keyboard space bar also advances your reading to the next page. If not comfortable with keys mentioned, use the “Shift-arrow key” to flip the magazine.

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  • Downloading Flipboard to Computer

While Flipboard is available on iPhone, iPad and Samsung phones, it can now be downloaded to your computer. The APK file from the Galaxy was extracted from one of the members of the XDA Developers using AirDroid. With this file, you can download and install Flipboard on your personal computer.

After the Flipboard download, you can access your social media sites and share articles and news to your friends. Personalize your magazine by adding the topics you interested and be updated on the trending issues. To access the application easily, add the Flipboard on your Windows Start Screen.

With Flipboard, you can now have access on news and events daily. Aside from downloading it to your computer, you can also have access to Flipboard through your phones. Enjoy this magazine type application and feel as if you are reading in a real magazine.

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