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How to Restore WordPress Widget

You have known all about installation of the top wordpress widgets and now the new question appeared: how to restore wordpress? Those who want to know how to restore wordpress data from a backup are probably going through a tough time. They might very well have deleted something important. Should that be the case, the first and most important step is to calm down. Getting worked up about things surely won’t solve anything, and it might make things worse if it causes one to make a big costly mistake. Take a deep breath and follow along.

 Restoring From Backups

Following along with a wordpress widget tutorial that uses phpMyAdmin might be the most common for users. First of all, log into the phpMyAdmin database. Then:

1) Click on databases

2) Select the database to import data from

3) Click on the import tab at the top

4) Click on the browse button next to the resulting text box

5) Locate the backup file

6) Select SQL as a format and click on the go button

Those who use straight MySQL commands might want to try the following to un-archive their entire database dump and import it:

1) From the command line unzip the .bz2 (or other archived) data dump file as so: bzip2 -d blog.bak.sql.bz2

2) Should the file be a .tar.gz, .taz or .Z file then use the following command: tar -zxvf blog.bak.sql.tar.gz

3) Put the backed up SQL file into MySQL using the command line: mysql -h mysqlhostserver -u mysqlusername -p databasename < blog.bak.sql

4) Enter the password to access the database

 Learning to Restore

Learning on our wordpress service website how to restore wordpress data is really only fighting half the battle, because there have to be regular backups in order to restore data in the first place. Ensure that the system is designed to make regular backups. Barring this, it may actually be possible to consistently backup the MySQL data by hand. Using the command line it could be possible to do so, especially on installations based around UNIX system software. As with everything else, one’s own mileage may vary as they say in computer circles.

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