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How to Make Company Portfolio for Different Companies

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How to Make Company Portfolio for Different Industries

A company portfolio is a marketing tool and showcase for services/products your business provides. Obviously different companies in various industries will include completely different types of samples in their portfolio. Investment company portfolios sample projects will have nothing in common with a landscaping companies sample projects. However the principles that make a web design company portfolio effective are essentially the same regardless of the company or industry. To know how to make company portfolio designs that are effective in any industry the first thing necessary is to consider the following:

  • What is the objective of your business portfolio? To be effective you should know what you specifically want to accomplish with the portfolio. Vague objectives will produce vague results. Identify your specific goals.
  • Who is your intended audience? Determine what audience it is you intend the portfolio to target. Your audience will determine your portfolio style and content. Trying to cater to everybody is ineffective and will produce poor results.

Regardless of the industry and type of business, knowing the above is essential to creating an effective business portfolio.

Tips for Making Company Portfolios

The following are tips on how to make company portfolio development more effective in any business or industry:

  • Keep everything simple: This applies to both design of the portfolio and written content. Simple design that allows viewers to focus on samples and written content that is easy to understand makes a portfolio more effective.
  • Don’t include all of your work: Use only the best samples of your previous work that showcases what you do. A handful of top quality samples are much more effective than numerous average samples.
  • Consider a niche specialization: In any industry, having a specialization that targets a specific niche is much more likely to attract potential customers than trying to cover an entire industry. If you do more than one thing, consider separate portfolios for each niche rather than one portfolio that covers several specializations.
  • Make contact information easily available: Provide as many ways to contact your company as possible and make contact information easily available. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include it on every page so that whenever a potential client likes what they see; contact info is at their fingertips.

Our business portfolio service knows how to make company portfolios that are effective in any industry.

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