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How to Integrate Aweber with WP Estore Plugin?

Maintaining your customer list is necessary when talking about the email marketing. If you have got an online product selling wordpress website, then you are required to install the AWeber plugin which is the email marketing and autoresponder service. Through the aweber wordpress plugin you will be able to have a list of your customers who are going to purchase from your wordpress store.

The good thing about aweber wordpress is that it can be integrated easily with the bookshelf plugin wordpress. In fact they have recently added the capability for adding the subscribers to the list through the use of API. With the help of following steps you can integrate wp estore plugin with the aweber.

Connect to AWeber API

For connecting and integrating the eStore with Aweber API, you are required to go to the settings of the eStore.

Go to Autoresponder settings menu

Check the ‘enable aweber integration’ option

After that you need to enter the authorization code details into the paste code field.

Click on the Make connection at the end

Specifying the Appropriate AWeber List Name

After the connection is made, you are required to specify the name of the list where you want your customers to be signed up to. You can always check the Global AWeber List name field if you want your customers to be signed up to the global list.

If you want your customers to be signed up on a product basis, then you must specify the list name in the list name field under the autoresponder settings tab of that particular product.

Click on update button for saving your changes.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can successfully integrate your wp estore with your aweber plugin,without any trouble at all. This will help you in maintaining your customer lists in an extremely efficient manner.

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