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How to Install WordPress Widget

Technically a wordpress widget is essentially a fancy plugin. As a result, many of the rules that apply to the installation of other types of add-on software should work here. Granted, that also means that many of the warnings that were posed by those installing other plugin files are still every bit as valid as they ever were. Naturally these kinds of things can interact in the same bad fashion that they might have interacted with had they been any other type of plugin.

 Subfolder Drag and Drop Installation

To go through the wordpress install widget as well as custom wordpress widget, follow a few basic steps:

1) Decompress the archive that the wordpress install widget data was shipped in

2) Possibly strip out any unnecessary files if this should be required

3) Locate the wp-content/plugins/ folder in the web file structure

4) Upload the files that were removed from the archive

5) Activate the new widget inside of the plugins sub panel

6) Locate the presentation control

7) Enter into the sidebar widgets section

8) Hit play

This basic wordpress widgets tutorial should cover most installations. Generally this process has been streamlined, but it goes without saying that the user doing the installation needs to have complete access authority in order to be able to follow through with these steps. Directory list access won’t be available to those who don’t have administrator access privileges. Naturally that helps to prevent those who don’t have the right to make changes from doing so. To this end, for security reasons, administrators should check that all of this material is correctly blocked off and access is properly disabled.

 Installation Help

While reading a wordpress widgets tutorial is generally a good idea, it’s no replacement for the actual documentation that comes with the software that someone is trying to install. Those who are attempting to get one of these widgets to work should certainly put a little time into reading a read me file that the PHP developers of wordpress websites decided to drop into the archive when they decompress it. These sometimes contain late-breaking updates that the developers put in right as it was being released.

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