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How to Install WordPress Review Plugins

Anyone who wants to install a wordpress reviews plugin should check out the administraiton panels. They can then go to plugins and select the add new system. This bypasses the official plugin directory’s own site by going directly to the service, though the official site will also help users to find review plugin wordpress for sure.

 Installing the Review System

In general there are two ways to set up wordpress review plugins. One from our wordpress service website is to use the built-in plugin installer to do this:

1) Go to the plugins menu and select add new

2) Type in the name of the plugin by search term, or use a descriptive keyword if none is known

3) Find the plugin that one wishes to install

4) Click on details to find further instructions

5) Click on install now

6) Approve the query

7) Provide login credentials

8) Click proceed and activate to finish it

In a few cases one might want to manually install their wordpress reviews plugin. Those who want to control the process and placement of it will certainly wish to do so. A few servers don’t permit automatic installation as well, which will prompt this to happen. Naturally a few people use review plugins that don’t have official standing, and this too will prompt a manual installation as well. In any of these cases, the particular files in question will have to be uploaded manually. This can be achieved via the FTP system. To this end one needs familiarity with the way that works.

 Checking Compatbility and Updates

After a review plugin wordpress has been installed, it might cause conflicts. If this happens the plugins list should show everything installed including lightbox wordpress plugin and yoast wordpress plugin. Check this against the plugins directory to see if there are any known compatibility issues. If this doesn’t make the review program work, check to see if the dashboard panel to see if it has been flagged for an update. It might also indicate that the plugin wasn’t really designed to work with this specific version of word press.

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