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How to Install Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Those who want to install the lightbox plugin wordpress should note that Lightbox 2 no longer has support. That particular plugin has not been updated really since a few years ago. That hasn’t hurt its popularity at all, and there are plenty of forks for those who want to have a look at something unique and new. As a result, the lightbox plugin for wordpress remains incredibly popular and it has a pretty large installed base as well that helps to encourage the existing user base. A sort of informal amount of support also exists too.

 Steps for Installation

Those who want to actually install lightbox wordpress plugin should use following wordpress widget tutorial:

1) Download the compressed file that the plugin’s data is actually stored in

2) Open up at the WordPress dashboard – if the installation is in a sub-folder, the end of the URL will still end in wp-admin

3) Go to the Plugins section

4) Click Add new

5) Click upload, and note if there are any problems. Provided that a good sold connection to the service is maintained, there shouldn’t be any errors here.

6) Select browse and locate the lightbox plugin wordpress compressed folder

7) Select activate plugin. Once again, should the connection be stable there won’t be issues.

8) Select it under the left-side settings menu

9) Set up the color preferences

10) Tell the plugin to save changes

Once these steps from our wordpress service website are through, make sure that the newly installed code is actually functioning correctly.

 Updating Plugins

While supports for the second version of the lightbox plugin for wordpress aren’t official any more, there are still plenty of things that the user can do with it. In addition, it’s important to remember that even if automation isn’t selected the use can always add the rel=lightbox code to any image manually. This particular plugin has a tendency to use image alternates or even titles to draw a title from if there wasn’t any specified anchor text. A little manual work can get around some of these limitations.

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