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How to Install Gravity Form Plugin?

This article will provide you detailed steps for installing the gravity forms plugin to your wordpress website. The main advantage of wp gravity forms is that you can customize any kind of contact form for your website. It also adds the captcha feature to your website’s contact form.

Installing the Gravity Form

First of all you have to purchase the Gravity Form plugin from the gravity form website.

For installation, you are required to upload the plugin to the plugins directory (wp-contents/plugins/ directory) at the back end of your wordpress panel.

After its installed, activate it.

You can also enter the reCaptcha details and check the output CSS option to style the form according to the theme of your website.

Creating the Gravity Form

  1. After the form is installed and activated, you need to go to the forms menu and click on add new form option.
  2. Give your form an appropriate title for example Contact Details Form
  3. Click on the create form option.
  4. There are different fields available such as Name, Email and Phone which you can drag and drop to your form.
  5. You can also make use of the pre-determined fields that are available under the advanced option to choose the required fields of name, email and phone easily. Furthermore, you can add text fields, drop downs, comment fields and check boxes etc according to your requirements.
  6. After everything is done, you can update the changes using the Update Form button.

Setting Up Your Email Notifications

For setting up your Email Notifications, Go to Form Settings.

Choose the Notification Option.

Then click the ‘edit the Admin Notification.’

Enter your email address details to send and receive enquiries to. Also select your email from to display the email name in the field.

Select the from email from which you want the form to come from.

Choose your subject and click update for the saving the required changes.

Adding the Contact Details Form to the Website’s Page

After you have set up the contact details form, you have to add it to your website’s page.

You can edit an exiting page or add a new page for the contact us form.

Choose the location where you want the form to be displayed.

Then click the add form button.

Then from the drop down, choose your form.

You can also add the title details or an appropriate description before clicking the insert option.

You will then see a short code on the page once you can see this you can click preview and your form will be on the page.

After you have clicked the insert option, a short code will appear on the screen, along with a preview option to check it.

Update the changes by clicking on the update.

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